Freecause Removal Guide

Do you know what Freecause is?

Freecause is a browser plug-in that provides search engine and toolbar functions. It comes from website that is said to be a marketing firm with full service technology that enhances loyalty rewards programs for various companies. The company offers privacy policy for its Freecause toolbar with its EULA posted fully on the main website. Freecause says that with the toolbar installed some of the user's personal data (such as browsing history) will be shared with the toolbar and stored for marketing purposes. If the users do not wish this information to be shared they have to uninstall Freecause toolbar through the usual uninstall utility in your Control Panel.

However, if there is nothing suspicious about this toolbar and the search engine, why then so many users complain they cannot remove it from their computers? It happens when the toolbar is exploited by a third party. Cyber criminals can make use of the security loopholes within Freecause toolbar and turn it into an infection tool.

When Freecause toolbar is misused, it can function as a browser hijacker and all of your searches are redirected to The search results that you receive will look absolutely normal, but the moment you click on them, you will be redirected to affiliated websites, or a pop-up advertisement will show up, urging you to visit random websites. You are advised against visiting the said websites, because they might be infected with malware.

As a result you can get infected with dangerous malware programs. Freecause toolbar is not dangerous on its own, but if you want to protect your privacy, it is recommended to uninstall it from your browser. In case your Freecause toolbar is being misused by a third party and you cannot uninstall it, we recommend downloading a legitimate antimalware program to remove Freecause toolbar automatically.

Remember that via malevolent misuse of the toolbar you might get infected with serious malware. Hence get rid of Freecause toolbar if you experience random redirections, and safeguard your system against dangerous threats.

In non-techie terms:

Freecause toolbar is a browser plug-in that enhances your Internet browsing quality. If this toolbar is exploited by a third party, you might experience disruptive computer behavior. Remove Freecause toolbar from your computer if you see that it is responsible for forceful redirections and pop-up advertisements.

Aliases: Freecause toolbar.