Flyswat Removal Guide

Do you know what Flyswat is?

Flyswat is a computer threat that was first discovered in 2007. This program is classified as adware and it is not highly dangerous to your PC, but naturally, it is better to remove Flyswat from your system, because it functions as browser helper object, it and it redirect you to corrupted websites, thus exposing you to further malware infections.

There are many programs out there that are similar to Flyswat. This adware program makes use of keywords on a webpage. When your browser is infected with this adware, Flyswat underlines various keywords on a page you open, and if you hover your mouse cursor above the said words, an advertisement will pop up, displaying an outgoing link. For example, a word "car" is underlined, you will probably be displayed a sponsored link to a website about cars or car sales. Although such advertising is not illegal, it is possible for Flyswat to get misused by third parties.

The problem is that Flyswat does not review the links it displays. Thus, if a link to a corrupted site is displaying in an ad via Flyswat, it indirectly becomes responsible for exposing you to malware infection. The most disturbing fact about Flyswat is that it has to be installed on the PC by the user himself. Naturally, it is possible for the adware program to arrive bundled with other freeware, but the fact remains that Flyswat seldom enters the system surreptitiously.

When this application is installed, it collects information on your browsing habits, to display particular types of commercial advertisements. At the time of writing the Flyswat servers are offline, but you cannot rule out the possibility that this adware application can cause various glitches.

To check whether Flyswat is responsible for having brought other undesirable programs onto your PC, perform a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner. Afterwards, invest in a powerful antimalware tool to remove Flyswat automatically, and make sure that no other computer threat enters your system again.

In non-techie terms:

Flyswat is an application that displays commercial advertisements with links to third party websites. It may lead to various malware infections, so it is for the best to remove Flyswat from your PC with a reliable antimalware tool.

Aliases: Adware.Flyswat.