FixPCOptimizer Removal Guide

Do you know what FixPCOptimizer is?

On its official website, FixPCOptimizer is promoted as an application that should be of great use if you wish to clean and boost your PC for its best possible performance. Such claims are tempting, to say the least, and quite a few users download and install this tool. What you should know about this optimization software is that it has been dubbed as a potentially unwanted program, which cannot be trusted entirely. It is important to note that malware experts at have assigned such category to this application after conducting an in-depth analysis, during which dubious functionality has been noticed. Additionally, we have been able to find out that in some cases this untrustworthy optimization tool could be spread in suspicious ways as well. These two factors are the major reasons we highly advise you not to use FixPCOptimizer; in fact, we advise you to get rid of it since its suspicious features obviously outweigh the valuable ones. The rest of our report contains further information in regards to the questionable functionality of this optimization tool along with a removal guide that should help you terminate it in just a few easy steps.

The basic functionality of FixPCOptimizer does not differ all that much from other dubious optimization tools that are active nowadays. At the very same moment that it successfully enters your operating system, it will start an automatic system scan, which should determine which errors should be fixed or cleaned from your computer for it to function in a better way. As soon as the whole scan is done you will see a detailed list of alleged errors within your operating system. The most annoying thing about such operations is the fact that the scan will be performed on each auto start of your operating system, whether you like it or not. What is even more important is the fact that s seemingly authentic list of alleged flaws within your operating system should not be trusted at all times. This is so because our researchers have analyzed the whole list and found out that some of the alleged errors should not be considered as such. This is so because quite a few inactive registry entries and temporary Internet files do not affect the performance of your computer in any way. Such files and registry entries are presented as flaws in order to lure unsuspecting users into obtaining FixPCOptimizer. We highly advise you not to use this optimization tool as it functions very poorly. It often crashes and might even not even perform the removal procedure at all. We advise you to remove FixPCOptimizer and use a different tool if you wish to optimize your PC for the smoothest performance.FixPCOptimizer Removal GuideFixPCOptimizer screenshot
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Another imperative thing that you should know about this potentially unwanted program is that at times it could be spread in suspicious ways even though a direct download link for it is up on its official website. FixPCOptimizer according to our reports might be distributed via bundled installers. Such means of distribution imposes virtual security threats. This is so because it could come along with other suspicious programs. Thus, if you did not install this dubious optimization tool consciously, we firmly advise you to check your operating system for other questionable software. If any dubious application is found up and running on your PC, you should take immediate measure to remove it. It is important to avoid third-party download websites since this will help you significantly reduce the risk of obtaining any installer filled with suspicious programs. Also, you should always pay your utmost attention to every single setup procedure because you might be presented with a chance to cancel the installation of some unwanted program. Last, but not least, make sure to run a reliable antimalware tool on your computer at all times as it provides overall system security at all times.

If you wish to get rid of FixPCOptimizer, you should carefully follow the removal instructions that we present below. It is important not to skip any steps because it could result in an incomplete removal of this potentially unwanted program. To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, we highly advise you to delete run an in-depth analysis of your PC for potential leftovers linked to FixPCOptimizer. This way you will be sure that every single bit of this dubious optimization tool has been removed from your computer once and for all.

How to remove FixPCOptimizer from your PC

  1. Open the File Explorer.
  2. Go to C:\ProgramData.
  3. Locate and delete the folder called DataFile.
  4. Now go to C:\Program Files (x86).
  5. Find and remove folders called WinPCOptimizer and FixPCOptimizer.

In non-techie terms:

If you find manual removal too complicated and do not feel comfortable performing it on your own, you should not worry. Malware experts at provide alternative removal guide that you should use in order to get rid of FixPCOptimizer. These instructions will allow you to delete this dubious application in an automatic way.