Fake Google Chrome Update Removal Guide

Do you know what Fake Google Chrome Update is?

Fake Google Chrome Update is a deceitful technique that allows online schemers to install potentially unwanted programs onto the computers of unsuspecting users. Fake Google Chrome Update is available at a malicious web page, which encourages the user to update the current version of the browser. The analysis of the scam has revealed that Fake Google Chrome Update replaces the browser with an infected one. It may occur that an older version of the browser may be installed, and which should be removed once the deception is noticed. It has also been found that Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox can be afflicted in the same way. If you have already installed the alleged latest version of Google Chrome, scan the computer with a spyware removal tool to find out what changes have been made.

In order to download the so-called latest version of Google Chrome, Fake Google Chrome Update uses Premium Installer. Not only is the infected internet browser installed, but also a potentially unwanted program or browser add-on. Fake Google Chrome Update distributes Optimizer Pro, which is also known as PC Utilities Pro – Optimizer Pro. The program is said to be capable of detecting and fixing registry errors and other malfunctions of the system, which without a doubt has a price. This application is already known to malware researchers because of its malicious traits. Even though it is presented as a tool that can speed up your computer, you may observe the opposite effect.

You may also find that some strange toolbar is installed on your browser, in which case you should take measures to remove it. Pay attention to the settings of the browsers – if the home page or the search provider of the browser is changed without your permission, note that your browser has been hijacked. According to the analysis of Fake Google Chrome Update, the browser may be modified by adding Incredibar toolbar and replacing the search provider to Incredibar MyStart.

Since manual removal may be insufficient because some malicious files may be left within the system after you uninstall the unwanted programs, we recommend that you rely on an automatic malware removal tool. Implement SpyHunter if you want to remove Optimizer Pro and other harmful programs or files. The application will safeguard the system so that you can safely browse the Internet, so if you do not want to be exposed to malware once you connect to the Internet, install the recommended security tool as soon as you can.

In non-techie terms:

Fake Google Chrome Update is an example of online phishing, and which can affect the operating system not only through Google Chrome but also Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Its function is to make you install a fake update which in return installs a potentially unwanted program. In order to prevent similar instances in the future, use the recommended spyware removal tool.

Aliases: Fake Chrome Update.