Facemoods Removal Guide

Do you know what Facemoods is?

Facemoods is a browser plugin that adds a toolbar to your browser and then provides you with an extensive list of emoticons that could be used on your emails and Facebook chats. As such Facemoods does not seem dangerous at all - it only provides you with a toolbar that enhances your overall Internet experience. However, despite not being a computer threat per se, this program can be the reason why other dangerous computer infections enter your system. For example, if Facemoods is installed together with other software (after a bundled download), the toolbar could be used by third parties for malicious purposes.

If Facemoods toolbar is installed without any attention to the installation process, you will get the default settings that includes the change of your default homepage to start.facemoods.com. This website will also serve as your default search engine with the general browser settings modified during the installation of Facemoods. Facemoods affects all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome - no matter which browser is your main one, you will not avoid Facemoods once it is installed.

Like most of the programs of this sort, Facemoods also generates a list of pop-up advertisements that could be really annoying while you browse the Internet. Clicking on any of these advertisements can lead you to third-party websites that have nothing to do with the Facemoods toolbar. Unknown websites could be infected with malware and that is how it is possible to get infected with such computer threats as Trojans or worms.

Do not forget that Facemoods also utilizes part of your CPU and bandwidth and as a result your computer works slower than the usual. Although this toolbar does not damage your computer directly, it is advised to remove Facemoods from your browser to avoid getting infected with serious computer threats. Download SpyHunter and perform a full system scan to erase Facemoods and everything it could've come with it.

In non-techie terms:

Facemoods is a browser extension that adds emoticons to your email messages, but it can also lead to serious infection, if the user is redirected to dangerous websites my a third party. Remove Facemoods to prevent other malware from entering your computer.

Aliases: adware.Facemoods.