Ensfolr Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what Ensfolr Toolbar is?

Ensfolr Toolbar, also known as Emlkdvo Toolbar, is a recent Browser Helper Object related to the parasite Zlob.Trojan Ensfolr Toolbar main objective is to spread spyware and viruses onto a computer system.

A clear sign that you've been infected with a Trojan is when a toolbar like Ensfolr Toolbar appears on your Internet browser without your permission. Ensfolr Toolbar installs itself into your computer and includes four icons - Remove Popups, Spam Protection, Security Test and Scan Spyware. Any icon you click on it will lead you to a rogue anti-spyware progam product page.

In non-techie terms: Distributors of toolbars such as Ensfolr Toolbar conduct illicit installation methods to extort money from you. Ensfolr Toolbar may ask you to purchase a full version of the software, if you are prompted to do so, do not download any product from Ensfolr Toolbar. If the anti-spyware program that you're currently using is not able to remove Ensfolr Toolbar, try SmitFraudFix for free and let me know if it worked you. Post your experience with Ensfolr Toolbar or SmitFraudFix.

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  • Anthony

    yea i tried that but the toolbar is still in there what do i do?????

  • xenotime

    hi. none of the above dlls exist on my hdd. the ensfolr toolbar is listed in IE but can NOT be activated. when IE starts it comes with yellow bar on top warning about viruses (part of ensfolr trojan i guess). any ideas how to ged rid of that ?

  • LSM

    Finally I removed ensfolr toolbar.
    First I used the Smith Fraud Tool as described above, then rebute my computer, go to Start > Search > All Files or Folders. Type ensfolr.dll.
    After searching enfolr.dll, delete it. (you should not open any browse at all when you delete ensfolr.dll file)
    Finishing this step the toolbar is removed, but it is still functioning.
    To remove ensfolr toolbar completely, you should clean up your registry.
    In my case, I used 2 freewares - “CCleaner” and “Resgistry Easy”
    You can download these programs from websites - “http://www.ccleaner.com” and “http://www.registryeasy.com”

    Good Luck!!!!