Enlfxgw Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what Enlfxgw Toolbar is?

Enlfxgw Toolbar is a recent variation of malicious toolbars from the Zlob Trojan group of infections. Enlfxgw Toolbar may be installed onto your system through the download of a fake video codec without your permission. The Enlfxgw Toolbar usually has a series of 5 buttons all performing malicious functions. Enlfxgw Toolbar resembles and functions similar to other previous rogue toolbars such as Edfqvrw Toolbar.

Enlfxgw Toolbar promotes rogue anti-spyware programs that must be avoided at all costs. Enlfxgw Toolbar may redirect users to other malicious websites that sell and promote rogue anti-spyware software. The sites that Enlfxgw Toolbar redirects you too must be avoided at all costs.

In non-techie terms: It is a good suggestion to avoid clicking on any suspicious looking toolbar that may be installed onto your web browser. Enlfxgw Toolbar may install without you knowing about it. Enlfxgw Toolbar was created by hackers to lure you to sites that sell rogue anti-spyware programs. Do not under any circumstances purchase any software related to Enlfxgw Toolbar and the sites that Enlfxgw Toolbar sends you too.

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