Elfwgps Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what Elfwgps Toolbar is?

Elfwgps Toolbar is a recent clone of the spyware toolbars caused by the malicious Zlob Trojan. Elfwgps Toolbar has similar functions of the previous Egodktf Toolbar. Elfwgps Toolbar may be installed through a downloaded video codec or Media Star Trojan.

Elfwgps Toolbar may display exaggerated system alerts and warnings prompting users to purchase rogue anti-spyware programs. Elfwgps Toolbar has several icons present when it is installed such as Remove Popups, Security Test, Scan Spyware, and Spam Protection buttons.

In non-techie terms: Elfwgps Toolbar is a new variation of previous Trojan toolbars such as Egodktf Toolbar. It is always a good practice to avoid clicking on any toolbar that you did not install yourself. If you see a toolbar present on your system that you did not initially install yourself usually means that you are infected with a Trojan. Do not under any circumstances click on suspicious toolbars or purchase any software associated with Elfwgps Toolbar.

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  • Steve Sanchez


    Your removal program worked great. My brother in law downloaded this horrible malware and his system was pretty screwed up. I had tried HiJack this and SpyBot search and destroy and neither one worked. You are a genius and thank you so much.