EasyFileConvert Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what EasyFileConvert Toolbar is?

EasyFileConvert Toolbar can show up in your browsers when you knowingly install this browser extension; however, our researchers have found that this tool might also be a surprise for you and appear after you install free software from a questionable source. As a matter of fact, this application belongs to a endlessly growing family of toolbars created by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. Hence the name we refer to these applications as the member of the "Mindspark family" that also includes AllInOneDocs Toolbar and NoteHomepage Toolbar. Although most of the features this potentially unwanted program (PUP) may offer you reliable third-party services, our tests show that this PUP might be able to inject affiliate content in the promoted sites and the search results in the form of third-party ads or links. But this is not all; since this application may enter your computer as a part of a software package, it is likely for you to find more dangerous and potentially harmful applications on board. Thus, we believe that the best solution for you to keep your virtual world clean is to remove EasyFileConvert Toolbar from your PC.

There are two ways for you to get hold of this tool officially and install it directly. One is the Chrome web store (chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/easyfileconvert/maffoojmaafjmmohkhhclgjjmghlifjo) and the other is its main webpage, free.easyfileconvert.com. We have had some difficulties to view this page so it may not be fully working if you visit it now. In any case, our researchers do not think that most users install this application through these channels anyway. In fact, it is more likely that you do not remember installing it because it could be traveling in freeware bundles.EasyFileConvert Toolbar Removal GuideEasyFileConvert Toolbar screenshot
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This means that this extension could be packed together with other PUPs as well as malicious programs, including browser hijackers, fake warnings, adware programs, and more. The installers usually indicate the full content and the possible browser setting changes in the installation wizard, but it is also likely that it is made a bit concealed so that you only see the assigned checkboxes if you select the custom option. You may drop such an unfortunate package onto your machine when you are visiting suspicious file-sharing and gaming websites with the intention to download programs for free or you click on unsafe third-party ads there. Another option is that such corrupt ads are displayed on your screen by adware programs that may have entered your system formerly. As you can see, there is a good chance that this PUP is not the only one to worry about. Thus, we recommend that you delete EasyFileConvert Toolbar and use a reliable online malware scanner to find all other possible threat sources.

It is quite easy to spot this new homepage and new tab page because it has a characteristic toolbar on top, a main search field as well as thumbnail links below that. Actually, all of the member of this family look almost identical with minor differences that mostly depend on the chosen theme or features they offer. This PUP provides you with easy access to file converting and file merging websites. However, you should know that you can easily bookmark your preferred sites by using the built-in function of your browsers. This is clearly safer than using a questionable extension that will also have permissions to read and change certain settings regarding your browsers and your browsing habits. The main issue is presented by the search engine itself. This PUP promotes a potentially risky search engine, search.myway.com. If you run a web search through this tool, you may end up on a manipulated Google search results page that could be filled with questionable content, such as unreliable third-party advertisements and links. If you click on any content coming from questionable sources, let alone cyber criminals, you might be taken to malicious or fake websites. You could easily infect your system in this way with other malware infections. What is worse, you might also fall for an online scam and share your precious personal or credit card details with cyber criminals. Therefore, we suggest that you should remove EasyFileConvert Toolbar as soon as you make up your mind about it.

Since the official uninstaller you can find in your list of installed programs in Control Panel may only work for Internet Explorer, you need to manually remove the extensions in your Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. You can choose to use our instructions below if you want to eliminate this threat with your own hands. You should remember though that you need to clean all potentially unreliable and downright malicious programs from your computer if you want to protect your virtual world. Therefore, we advise you to download and install a trustworthy security program like SpyHunter as soon as possible.

How to remove EasyFileConvert Toolbar from Windows

Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

  1. Tap Win+X and select Programs and features.
  2. Choose the application and click Uninstall.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

  1. Access the Start menu and select Control Panel.
  2. Pick Uninstall a program.
  3. Choose the application and click Uninstall.

Windows XP

  1. Click Start and choose Control Panel.
  2. Open Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Choose the application and click Remove.

How to reset your browsers

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press Alt+H and select Troubleshooting Information.
  2. Tap Refresh Firefox.
  3. Click Refresh Firefox in the confirmation window.

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and choose Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click Show advanced settings.
  3. Scroll down and click Reset settings.
  4. Click Reset.

In non-techie terms:

EasyFileConvert Toolbar is your next questionable browser extension that offers you all kinds of file converting and merging tools as well as a potentially unreliable search engine. This potentially unwanted program comes from the well-known Mindspark family of useless tools. Our researchers say that you should not trust this tool because it might show you questionable search results. It is also possible that this application sneaks onto your system in a freeware bundle that could be packed with malicious software installers. All in all, we think that if your virtual security is important to you, it is best to remove EasyFileConvert Toolbar from your PC. We also suggest that you use a professional malware removal application to automatically defend your computer from future attacks.