Dutch Police Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Dutch Police Virus is?

The Dutch Police Virus is a nasty ransomware application that can lock your Windows system, remove your access to the desktop and attempt to trick you into thinking that the Nederlands Politie has investigated your virtual activity. This is not true, and the logos of the authentic department have been added to the screen locking notification just to trick you into believing the scam. In reality, the agency would never block your system without preconceived warnings, and there is no doubt that schemers have used one of the many security backdoors that unprotected Windows systems tend to have to slither in illegally. Nonetheless, whether your PC has been infected using spam email attachments or social engineering scams, you need to remove Dutch Police Virus and you need to do it now.

The clandestine Dutch Police Virus may be represented in different ways and it also goes by such names as Ukash virus, Buma Stemra virus, Nederlands Politie Virus or Eenheid Voor de Bestrijding Cybercrime Virus. The latter three have different visual interfaces and may be downloaded onto your computer with the help of different Trojans, including the Reveton Trojan or the Trojan:AutoIt/LockScreen.C. Therefore, whichever notification (see examples below) you will be greeted with, your operating Windows system is still going to be infected with the Dutch Police Virus.

Uw computer is geblokkeerd voor het schenden van het recht van het Netherlands

Illegaal gedownloade muziek stukken (“door piraterij verkregen”) zijn gelegen op de computer. […] Te betalen via onze betalingspartner Paysafecard. Na een succesvolle betaling wordt uw computer automatisch ontgrendeld.

Het downloaden van auteursrechtelijk beschermd material via het internet of het delen van muziek-netwerken illegal is en in overeenstemming is met Vak 106 van de Auteurswet onderworpen aan een boete of een gevangenisstraf van een boete van maximal 3 jaar.

The virus has entered your computer illegally, the alert is fictitious, you are not guilty of breaking cyber security laws and you do not need to pay the requested fines. What you should do is rush to delete Dutch Police Virus, because if you postpone the task, schemers will have a chance at infecting your PC even more. Please follow the instruction to access your system and install automatic removal tools to have the virus and potentially existing Trojans deleted.

  1. Restart the computer and keep hitting F8 until the Advanced Options Menu shows up.
  2. Using arrow keys on your keyboard select Safe Mode with Networking.
  3. Launch a browser and go to http://www.spyware-techie.com/download-sph .
  4. Download and install SpyHunter to remove infection.

Windows XP users will need to operate differently:

  1. Restart the computer and keep hitting F8.
  2. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select Safe Mode with Networking.
  3. Launch your Internet browser and download SpyHunter.
  4. Click on the Start Menu.
  5. Launch RUN.
  6. Type “msconfig” and click OK.
  7. Once System Configuration Utility (or MSConfig) shows up, click on the Startup tab.
  8. Click on the Disable All and select Apply.
  9. Restart the computer normally and install the reliable virus removal tool SpyHunter.

In non-techie terms:

The Dutch Police Virus is a highly conspicuous and deceptive Windows system infection that has been developed and distributed to trick you into giving up your money. Do not fall into the trap of devious cyber criminals and delete the virus without any hesitation, because only this way you will be able to protect your digital data and run Windows regularly.

Aliases: Police Virus.