dsrlte.exe Removal Guide

Do you know what dsrlte.exe is?

The Windows system service known as dsrlte.exe is usually a part of some sort of adware applications; ergo, if it is discovered on your system, in most cases, it signifies that an adware program is active on your PC. The dsrlte.exe system service might exhibit some annoying and potentially harmful features. Thus, as long as application that is using this particular service is running, your system will remain in constant danger as it could get exposed to some dubious web content. The only way to terminate the possible exposure is to remove the adware application that is using this suspicious system service. In most cases removal of the adware application will stop the annoying and dangerous activities, but in order to make sure that the dubious program was removed properly we suggest using a reliable antimalware tool.

A major indication that the dsrlte.exe service is active on your operating system is a browser flooded with third-party commercial ads and annoying pop-ups. Most likely the adware program that is functioning on your operating system will be using the dsrlte.exe system service in order to display adverts within your browser because this dubious service is interacting with numerous adware servers. Using this system services to promote this annoying activity is quite useful as it will affect all browsers on your operating system unlike the usage of browser extensions; adware programs that rely on browser extensions to display commercial advertisements need to install their extension to every browser. It is possible to kill this service by using the Task Manager, unfortunately, that does not ensure that the annoying activities will stop immediately; for that you will need to remove the adware application, which is responsible for using the dsrlte.exe service.

In order to protect your system from various third-party applications, which could be using the dubious dsrlte.exe system service you need to practice safe browsing habits. Avoid various third-party download websites and dubious web pages that are known to be associated with online piracy. It is also very important to have a professional malware detection and removal tool running on tour PC at all times.

The difficulty of manual removal of an adware program can vary, because some of these invasive applications can be removed via Control Panel, and others require a more complicated manual removal: you might need to tweak registry entries and indentify various suspicious files yourself. That is why manual removal is recommended to advanced computer users only. Users who are not familiar with the Windows system all that much are advised to remove the dubious adware application by using a licensed antimalware too.

In non-techie terms:

If you wish to terminate the dubious system service along with the invasive adware program automatically, please use the instructions provided below.