Dr. Guard Removal Guide

Do you know what is Dr. Guard?

Dr. Guard is a rogue security tool, hailing from the same family as Paladin Antivirus. Dr. Guard employs the use of a new graphical user interface. Once installed, Dr. Guard will give falsified reports of threats on the computer and will continue to display fake security alerts to coerce the user into purchasing the rogue program. Do not pay for this bogus application and do not install Dr. Guard, as it will only cause damage to the system in question. Dr. Guard runs as soon as Windows starts. When running, Dr. Guard may imitate a system scan and report a variety of infections but won't remove them unless Dr. Guard is purchased. The scan results are undoubtedly false and should NOT be trusted! Dr. Guard  tends towards the detection of harmless or even non-existing files as serious infections. Furthermore, the misleading application will constantly display fake security alerts and notifications about security and privacy issues.

In non-techie terms:

Dr. Guard will claim that the computer in question is under attack but bear in mind that this is nothing more than a scam. Simply remove Dr. Guard - and all your PC woes will be over!

Aliases: Dr.Guard, DrGuard.

  • jason

    My computer has been infected with Dr. Guard. Although this article says the warnings are fake, one warning message that popped up said my passwords have been compromised and then a list of sites that I visit along with my current email address and password. That was creepy. Any other users experience this same popup message?

  • caleb

    i think it might of been just dr guard looking in your computer history.

  • A

    Jason, I had a pop-up like that, but it did not show my email. It showed a list of websites that a 'hacker' was supposedly, trying to hack. It was fake because I do not have a GMail, or a PayPal. The username and password were stars (*). However, it did not show my e-mail and password.

  • Chick

    I caught this virus yesterday, and first thing i did was deleting the dr. Guard folder in program files. Now i can't unregister its .dll libraries. Everything works kinda good, but my internet connection is blocked. I so want to punch these geeks...