Downloadware Removal Guide

Do you know what Downloadware is?

The malicious, adware-dropping Downloadware is a Windows infection that can be dropped onto your computer via social engineering scams, bundled downloads and similar security loopholes and backdoors. It is extremely dangerous to keep the malicious application running on the computer. If you are still not sure whether you need to remove Downloadware from the PC, please install SpyHunter’s free scanner to inspect the computer and read more to understand how dangerous this program truly is.

It has been discovered that if the application exists within your operating system, you could be forced to face such devious infections as adware SmartPops and malware downloader AdLoad. This is something that you should blame on rh.dll (C:\Program Files\Recommended Hotfix - 421701D\v15\rh.dll) and questbasic.exe (C:\ProgramFiles\ QuestBasic\questbasic.exe). Regardless, there are plenty more components that you need to remove before you disable and delete Downloadware.

AcroIEHelpe073.dll is one more component that requires removal, even though it is an authentic component that belongs to Adobe Products. It has been found out that the file has security vulnerabilities which may allow schemers to modify and employ it for truly malicious procedures. Other components that may use cloaked names or even modify original files are WinTimer.exe, nbt.exe and msguard.exe. These files can implement rootkits to guard Downloadware against removal, hijack system processes, disrupt your computer’s running and create TCP ports.

Malicious files make your operating system highly vulnerable, and if you do not want to be attacked by adware and other devious applications, you need to delete Downloadware without any hesitation. You should consider installing the automatic removal application SpyHunter to remove all existing infections. The tool is powerful enough to detect and delete rootkits or browser extensions that other AV tools may consider harmless.

In non-techie terms:

If you do not remove Downloadware from the computer, it could get infected with truly dangerous applications. Needless to say, good timing is essential when talking about successful removal operations because every minute that your PC is under the influence of malware – you run the risk of malignant activity.

Aliases: adware.Downloadware.