DNS changer Removal Guide

Do you know what DNS changer is?

DNS changer is a cunning computer infection that invades the system and disables the user’s antivirus software so that it cannot be detected and deleted easily. Generally speaking, DNS refers to Domain Name System, which is an Internet service converting names of websites into the IP addresses. Once you enter, for example, www.spyware-techie.com in your internet browsers, the IP address is determined by DNS servers. In this way, we browse the Internet and do other activities provided by the Internet.

Regarding the DNS changer malware, it changes DNS servers so that the user, instead of a particular website, visits an iniquitous website that may be also used to spread malware, which is responsible for other crimes. DNS changer can also access devices on the network that uses a router or home getaway. For example, if the device has the default settings such as username and password provided by the manufacturer, the infection can infect it as well. When the infection is on the router, other computers of the network, even if not infected, might suffer from the changes made to the device.

You can check whether you are infected with DNS changer by checking for DNS server. Open your Start menu, select Run, type cmd.exe and press OK. When C:\Windows/System32\cmd.exe opens, enter “ipconfig /all” and hit Enter. Find the entry “DNS Servers”. The range of the IP address given below shows that you should find if you are infected: – – – – – –

Most of home computers have an IP address that varies from to

Do not wait and remove DNS changer for your computer. We recommend you use a powerful malware removal application so that you can get access to the Internet and get desirable results when using your internet browser. Importantly, use a legitimate application, because only a reliable tool will solve the problem.

In non-techie terms:

DNS changer is a computer threat that will change your DNS settings in order to redirect you to dubious websites that may contain malware infections. The threat should be deleted from the PC immediately in order to keep computer threats off getting in the system. Scan the PC with a free scanner which you can download by clicking on the button below.

Aliases: DNSchanger.