Directnameservice Removal Guide

Do you know what Directnameservice is?

Directnameservice is a browser hijacker that infects a computer through a Trojan. Directnameservice hijacks your homepage and redirects it to a rogue website called Directnameservice may pop up windows that lead to or It is recommended that you remove because it may send sensitive data from your computer to a third-party server which can result in data theft.

In non-techie terms: Distributors of trojans conduct illicit installation methods to extort money from you. Do not visit and do not download any programs from that website.

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  • Paul Huff

    Why is it that after following the above instructions my computer was invaded with new spyware that took over my home page??? Fortunately, my Webroot Anti-Spyware kicked in and stopped it. I also had to unplug my internet connection to stop a so called "spyware" program from running. Now, I've got an even bigger mess. I guess I'm going to have to spend big $$ to clean this crap out of my PC. Thanks but no thanks.

  • erskin

    i need directnameservice site off my pc

  • pat

    McAfee says smitfraud contains a virus reboot.exe. I think it is right because I tried smit fraud on a number of machines and still ended up reloading the OS