Dilyme Removal Guide

Do you know what Dilyme is?

We want to inform you that Dilyme is a highly unreliable browser extension for Google Chrome that can replace your browser’s actual search engine while retaining the default homepage, new tab page and search provider. Our malware analysts have classified this extension as a browser hijacker and recommend that you remove it as soon as possible because hijacking your browser’s search engine is its primary and only purpose. It does not do anything else, and the search results you can have ads in them as our researchers are convinced that this hijacker was created for advertising purposes. For more details on this search engine, please read this whole article.

Let us jump right into the functionality of this hijacker and, while there is not much to it, we believe this information serves to prove that this extension is malicious. Our cybersecurity experts have concluded that this hijacker was configured to alter your search engine to redirect all search queries through http://vouseat.webcam/dilyme/?sid=[sid]&aid=[aid]&keyword=[keyword] which, consequently redirects to Search.yahoo.com. This hijacker is set to affect Google, Bing, MyWay, Ask, AOL, WoW, webcrawler, MyWebSearch, DuckDuckGo, MySearch, Teoma, SearchLock, and many other search engines. You will see Yahoo’s search results, but the results can feature ads and promoted links that were set to generate ad revenue for Dilyme’s creators. Therefore, it is evident that this extension is a hijacker set to redirect web traffic in order to make money off advertising.

Another important aspect we want to note is that this hijacker can collect some anonymous information about you automatically in order to present you with personalized search results that are bound to present you with somewhat more relevant ads. The collected information can include your approximate geographical location, IP address, Internet Service Provider, browser version, search history, entered search terms, operating system type and so on. The reason it collects this information is to make more money as personalized content is likely to generate more clicks.

Now let us discuss the methods used to distribute this hijacker. According to our research, this hijacker is distributed via software bundles only as it was removed from the Chrome Web Store where it was previously distributed. The software bundles can inject this extension into your browser which, in turn, is set to modify the search settings to redirect you though its URL. The bundles are said to inject it automatically which means that you might not be able to deselect its installation. due to the fact that Dilyme is distributed in this manner, it was classified a browser hijacker.

In closing, Dilyme is a useless and malicious extension that modifies a user’s search settings to forcibly redirect entered search settings through its domain to present you with customized search results with ads. We recommend that you remove this extension as soon as the opportunity arises by following the steps presented in the guide below.

How to remove this extension from Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F.
  2. Click More tools.
  3. Go to Extensions.
  4. Find Dilyme.
  5. Click Remove.

In non-techie terms:

Cybersecurity experts have concluded that Dilyme is a malicious search engine that can enter your browser by stealth and modify your search settings to redirect you through its domain in order to present you with ad-supported search results. It is an undesirable feature and we recommend that you remove it from your browser as soon as you can.