Delve Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Delve is?

An application known as Delve Virus is a browser extension available for all popular browsers on the market. It is targeted at users of (the name changed from, a website that closely resembles popular social networks, e.g., Facebook, Google+, MySpace, etc. allows you to have your own personal profile, connection with friends and share various information. This application, most of the time, is active on this particular website extending its key features. The application is not valuable at all unless you are an active member of, thus we recommend you delete Delve Virus.

Delve Virus allows users of to share third-party online content with their associates within the network. Also this application allows users to comment and reach a wider audience that is not limited to their friends. Despite these features that could be quite handy, this application displays pop-up adverts within the website. According to the Privacy Policy, Delve Media, Inc is not liable for any third-party content that you chose to face:

These third party websites have separate and independent privacy policies and terms of use. If you access other websites using the links provided, the operators of those websites may collect information from you, which will be used by them in accordance with their privacy policy, which may differ from ours. <…> We therefore have no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of other websites or by our users who post, copy or link to or from other websites, even if they are linked to our Site.

The links provided by Delve Virus could turn out to be malicious, and that could lead to a lot of trouble; infections to say the least. Always be careful while visiting any third-party content that has been prompted by this plug-in. In fact, this application does not do anything that significant to improve your experience. It would be best to remove Delve Virus from the operating system, as it is a useless extensions, just like many other targeted towards social netwroks

Results have shown that this application in most cases will not display pop-ups, adverts or coupons within any other website while you are browsing the web; it limits itself to users only. Although some reports has shown that some updates of Delve Virus might make it active on some other website. No other malicious activities were recorded during testing.

Delve Virus is not an application that has been known to be bundled, so you are quite safe if you have no desire of having it on your system. In most cases it will be downloaded from the official website by users who are actually looking forward to the so called benefits of the application. Although it displays no malicious activity, it is still a good idea to delete Delve Virus, as having any unnecessary third-party application running on your operating system could result in your computer running slower and other various disruptions.

If you are not an active user of, we recommend that you remove Delve Virus from your system as it is not beneficial to you in any way. The removal is relatively simple, thus you should follow our guide below and remove Delve Virus. If you choose to remove Delve Virus manually, we recommend that you scan the system for any leftovers with a malware removal tool afterwards. It is always reasonable to play it safe.

Delve Virus removal

Remove from Windows XP:

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Click Add or Remove Programs.
  4. Select the unwanted software and then click the Remove button.

Remove from Windows Vista/Windows 7:

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Click Uninstall a program.
  4. Right-click Delve and then delete it from the system.

Remove from Windows 8:

  1. Move the mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Click Settings on the Charm bar and select Control Panel.
  3. Open Uninstall a program and uninstall Delve

In non-techie terms:

Delve Virus is of no use to those who do not use Furthermore, it does not hold any significantly beneficial traits for users of either as in most cases it will present you with various ads and pop-ups. All in all, it is an application with ambiguous functionality and because of that we recommend that you delete it from your system. If the instructiions above does not work follow the gudie below.