Cycbot trojan Removal Guide

Do you know what Cycbot trojan is?

Cycbot trojan is a malicious computer infection. It is a backdoor Trojan that allows other malware to enter your computer without your knowledge or permission. Even if you have an antivirus program installed, Cycbot trojan can function undetected for a long time, because it uses various techniques to hide itself from security products. For example, its main file is titled svchost.exe. There a legitimate Windows process that is called the same, and even if the user sees this process run in Task Manager, he might think that it is just a genuine Windows process, dismissing the possibility of an infection.

However, if Cycbot trojan is left untreated that it is very likely that Cycbot trojan will allow such dangerous rogue infections as CleanThis, Palladium or ThinkPoint to enter your system and cause havoc. If you do not remove Cycbot trojan in time, in the long run you might even lose your money as you personal financial information will be revealed to third parties. Rogue antispyware isn't the only threat that might come after Cycbot trojan. This Trojan connects to a remote server in order to download and execute arbitrary files. Cycbot trojan is known to connect to over a 20 different servers including,,, and many more.

Cycbot trojan will continue to update itself if is not removed in time, and longer it remains in your system, the more difficult it will be to remove it. Cycbot trojan could even go as far as start deleting your files. Not to mention that it modifies system settings so that other malicious programs could get in easier. Cycbot trojan can also increase traffic to various predetermined websites in order to collect money from pay-per-click advertising. Thus, in the end you find yourself visiting websites you weren't even going to open.

To clean your computer you are advised to download SpyHunter and remove Cycbot trojan with this antispyware application. Manual removal would require you to delete all files and registry entries related to the Trojan on your own, and if you have never performed a manual malware removal before, it could be quite hard to do. Therefore, delete Cycbot trojan automatically, and scan your computer to see whether you are infected with anything else.

In non-techie terms:

Cycbot trojan is a dangerous computer threat that "opens" your computer for other malicious programs as well. This infection can lead to serious consequences so you have to remove Cycbot trojan immediately.

Aliases: Trojan.Cycbot.