Cyber Police Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Cyber Police Ransomware is?

If Cyber Police Ransomware manages to infiltrate your computer, you can be sure that all your important files stored in default directories will be encrypted and rendered useless until you acquire the private key from these cyber criminals. Of course, we do not encourage you to do so because that would be supporting cybercrime. On the other hand though, it is your decision to make and to know how much your files are really worth, or if they worth the risk of paying and still losing them. The only legitimate way to recover you files is to use a backup you may have in cloud storage or stored on a removable drive. Our researchers say that it is important that you remove Cyber Police Ransomware from your computer as soon as possible if you want to restore order on your system. Please continue reading our description so that you learn how you can avoid similar threats and how you can eliminate this dangerous threat.

The most likely way for you to let this beast loose on your system is via spam e-mails. The spam this infection is spread in usually has an attached file, which is the malicious executable in disguise. But it is also possible that you will find a link in the body of the spam that download this malicious file from a file storage place. The problem is that the moment you click to view this attached file, you infect your system and there will be no way back from encryption. This is why it is not possible to delete Cyber Police Ransomware from your system without possibly losing your files. Be always suspicious when you find an e-mail in your spam folder or even in your inbox that claims to be about a flight booking gone wrong, an invoice overdue, or wrong credit card information given. These are the most typical subjects such cyber crooks may try to get your attention and push you to click to open the spam.Cyber Police Ransomware Removal GuideCyber Police Ransomware screenshot
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Once you activate this malicious attack, it starts encrypting all your files in certain default media and other main directories as well as their subfolders. This can cause severe damage to you in no time at all. After encrypting your files, this ransomware drops a text file called "READ_ME.txt" on your desktop, which contains the text of the ransom note, and downloads the replacement desktop background image from "," which is then placed in the "C:\" root directory. This image also has the ransom note information, which claims that "your computer has been blocked by the cyber police" because you have been using unlicensed software. You are threatened to pay 100 USD in Bitcoins to the given address or otherwise you will lose your files. We believe that it is important that you do not panic and remove Cyber Police Ransomware right away.

Unfortunately, we have no information about this dangerous threat being decryptable; in other words, we have not found any free tools on the web that can recover your files after this malicious attack. It is still possible though that such a tool appears in the near future. Nevertheless, we do not encourage you to download or use such file recovery software because you could do more harm than good. It is better to ask an IT savvy friend or a professional to assist you with this. If you have a backup, you should still first delete Cyber Police Ransomware from your system. Please follow our instructions below if you feel up to the task. If you would prefer a more efficient way to defend your computer against all known threats automatically, you should install a trustworthy anti-malware program, such as SpyHunter as soon as possible.

Remove Cyber Police Ransomware from Window

  1. Launch your Task Manager (tap Ctrl+Shift+Esc).
  2. Click on the malicious process.
  3. Click End task to kill the process.
  4. Exit the Task Manager.
  5. Tap Win+E.
  6. Bin the malicious executable you have saved from the spam, if it is still on your system.
  7. Delete the following from your system:
  8. Empty your Recycle Bin and reboot your system.

In non-techie terms:

Cyber Police Ransomware is a new danger for your files because this vicious program can infiltrate your system without your knowledge and take all your important files hostage in certain targeted default directories. This ransomware is capable of encrypting hundreds of file extensions. This means a severe damage for you because you may lose all your files stored in the targeted folders. Although the ransom fee may not be impossible to pay for any private user, we still do not encourage anyone to go along with the transfer because you have no guarantee that these crooks will deliver as promised. Without the private key that is stored on a secret remote server, there is no chance for you to restore your encrypted files. Hopefully, you have a backup that you can use now to recover your files. We recommend that you remove Cyber Police Ransomware right away. If you do not want to get your hands "dirty" with manual detection and elimination, we suggest that you use a trustworthy anti-malware program, which will also help you protect your PC in the future.