Crossout.lnk Removal Guide

Do you know what Crossout.lnk is?

Have you discovered a file named Crossout.lnk on your Desktop (note that the name could be switched to Play Crossout.lnk and Crossout - MMO action game.lnk too)? If you have, the best thing you can do is remove it right away. If you ever face unfamiliar files, you should not open them carelessly just to check what they represent because this is how you could bring many problems upon yourself. What if the file represented a ransomware that quickly encrypted your files and demanded a huge ransom fee for a decryptor? That could happen. So, if you take one and one thing only from this article, it should be that opening unfamiliar files is never a good idea. The good news is that you can delete Crossout.lnk and face no issues even if you have opened it because it is relatively harmless. If you are not sure about how the removal should be handled, check out the step-by-step instructions below.

Crossout.lnk was created to promote a multi-player action game called “Crossout.” It is represented by Gaijin Network Ltd., and it was released back in Spring of 2016. According to GITHYP statistics, it has been played 28 million times, and it is in the top 25 of highest ranked games. Needless to say, there is a profit to be made from a game that is so well-known and popular. Crossout.lnk is not created by the company that represents the game, but rather the advertisers who have found their newest milking cow. These advertisers embed a link to the official website of the game ( within the LNK file so that every time a user opens it, they are routed to the site. If the user interacts with the content of the page – which is meant to recruit new users – a profit is made. So, while some users might find it beneficial to be introduced to the game, ultimately, Crossout.lnk is built to serve advertisers, not users.

One of the most important things to discuss is how Crossout.lnk got onto your computer in the first place. Clearly, you have not downloaded it specifically because it serves no beneficial purpose, and it is unlikely to be promoted as a standalone piece. Most likely, it came bundled with programs that you found attractive. Software bundles can be harmless; however, in many cases, they are harmful. If you let Crossout.lnk in knowing about it, you can blame no one but yourself about letting in files you know nothing about. If the file was placed onto Desktop without your knowledge, clearly, you have been tricked, and this is a huge red flag. Regardless of how the file found its way in, you need to check things out because other suspicious files and even malware could have been installed along with adware. Since doing that manually can be extremely difficult, we recommend using a malware scanner.

Does malware exist on your operating system? If it does, you need to delete it as soon as possible. While we do not classify Crossout.lnk as an incredibly malicious piece of malware, it is an advertising tool that brings you no benefit, which is why it is recommended that you remove it. How can you get rid of this LNK file? It is pretty easy really. All you need to do is delete the file, and if you are not familiar with the process, check out the guide below. That is not all you need to take care of. If the file was downloaded silently or without your knowledge, it is pretty clear that you need stronger protection for your operating system. Have you considered installing anti-malware software? If you have not, you really should because you want a defense mechanism against all of the malicious threats that can invade. Think about this even if you need only to remove Crossout.lnk.

Delete Crossout.lnk from Windows

  1. Find the Crossout.lnk file on the Desktop.
  2. Right-click it and select Delete.
  3. Empty Recycle Bin.
  4. Perform a full system scan to check if your operating system is malware-free.

N.B. The name of the file could be unique in your case. Alternative names include “Crossout - MMO action game.lnk” and “Play Crossout.lnk.”

In non-techie terms:

Although Crossout.lnk is not exactly malicious, it is classified as adware because it is set up to promote an action game using a very suspicious technique. The file is downloaded onto the Desktop, and if the user opens it, they are routed to the official website of the game. This might seem harmless, but any file downloaded without your knowledge or using stealth techniques must be taken seriously. It is very possible that the file was downloaded along with software that might be malicious. If this is the situation, you need to delete the malware too. In fact, you need to focus on it before you remove Crossout.lnk itself. We suggest using legitimate anti-malware software because it can automatically erase infections and then protect your operating system against them in the future.