Cridex Trojan Removal Guide

Do you know what Cridex Trojan is?

Cridex Trojan is a computer worm that can spread easily on its own. Despite the fact that this infection is called a "Trojan", it is very far from being one. Trojans cannot distribute themselves, while worms can easily spread via network drives and spam email. Cridex Trojan might attach itself to an email message and then sent itself out to every single address it finds saved in an infected mail box. This kind of distribution method, however, requires interaction from the user in order to work. Thus, sometimes Cridex Trojan comes with a message that urges the user to click on it.

Unfortunately, a lot of users fall for this trap and end up being infected with this worm. It should be noted that removing Cridex Trojan is not as easy as it might seem. That is so mostly because of the fact that it hides itself from the user and computer security products. Cridex Trojan masks itself by injecting its own code into legitimate system processes and using them to function, while the user remains obvious to the infection. Cridex Trojan is known to infect such system processes as explorer.exe, iexplore.exe and firefox.exe. Not to mention that this worm runs automatically every single time you turn on your computer, because it modifies registry subkeys upon the infection.

Cridex Trojan quite often spreads via removable drives so you need to be extremely careful about what drive you plug into your computer. It would be wise to disable Autorun function on your computer, because Cridex Trojan makes use of it to swiftly infect the target system. Even if you do plug an infected drive into your computer, you might not notice that infection file, because Cridex Trojan uses random file names and folder names for its files, and they all look like normal file folder icons.

However, once the worm is installed, it connects to the internet and receives instructions and configuration data. Then it can upload sensitive system information to a remote server at, or You also cannot rule out the possibility of Cridex Trojan download more malware onto your computer. Therefore, it is important to remove Cridex Trojan as soon as possible.

If you find manual removal too tedious, you should acquire a computer antimalware program that will terminate Cridex Trojan for you. This way you will also be able to protect your computer from similar threats. Do not hesitate and deal with this problem at once.

In non-techie terms:

Cridex Trojan is a computer infection that spreads on its own. It compromises your privacy and slowly kills your computer system. You need to erase Cridex Trojan from your system as soon as you can, and safeguard your computer against similar infections.

Aliases: Cridex.