CouponDropDown Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what CouponDropDown Virus is?

The seemingly harmless CouponDropDown Virus is a dangerous browser hijacker that can filter your search results, execute web page redirections and modify your browser settings for financial gain. The application itself is not considered malignant and even if your operating system is implemented with safeguarding software, it is likely that the virus will run without any disturbance. Like many web sources and services, this “legitimate” browser add-on is supported by revenue collected via promotion. This is even confirmed in the application’s interface: “Available on thousands of your favorite online merchants”. Schemers have paid money for the plugin’s developers to promote their own services, which is why you need to remove CouponDropDown Virus without waiting another minute.

Cyber criminals know that such browsers as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the most popular and are used all over the world. This is why they can apply the infection even to these browsers. Once this happens, you may notice changed Bookmarked items list, reconfigured browser settings and your home page could be changed to one of the CouponDropDown Virus affiliate websites. You should not use any unfamiliar search engines to browse the web, because they could filter your queries and could trick you into clicking on infected web sources, which could lead to further malware attacks before you realize necessary infection’s removal. The same goes for web sites that you get redirected to. All in all, if you notice any of these symptoms and you have noticed the pop-up presented below, there is no doubt that your system is infected with CouponDropDown Virus and that you need to act right away to get it deleted.

Never miss another coupon for sale! […]
CouponDropDown will change the way you shop online. After installation, coupons available for the site you’re browsing automatically appear in an easy to use list. Just look at the […] bar at the bottom of your browser to see how many coupons are available.

In non-techie terms:

After facing the clandestine CouponDropDown Virus you should realize that having your operating system protected with up-to-date, automatic spyware detection and removal software is extremely important. Please use the link below to download SpyHunter, an automatic malware removal tool, and protect your system right away. The application will delete CouponDropDown Virus and will protect your system’s functionality and your digital security for months to come.

Aliases: CouponDropDown.