Coupon Slider Removal Guide

Do you know what Coupon Slider is?

Coupon Slider is a browser plugin that is compatible with all main browsers - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It is developed by 215 Apps, and so it is directly related all the other browser add-ons that have been released by 215 Apps so far. The plugins include Coupon Pigeon, Savings Slider, Coupon Caddy and many other similar applications. Coupon Slider and all these other applications are not computer malware, but it is recommended to remove Coupon Slider from your PC, because it may cause unnecessary security risks.

This browser add-on can be downloaded from the official website at There you will find information that said Coupon Slider will improve your online shopping experience. When you have this plugin installed on your browser, it displays a number of coupons that you can use to purchase something you want. Its main marketing motto is that you save while shopping. What is more, it is said that Coupon Slider coupons can be used on more than a thousand online stores, including Toys R Us, Best Buy, Target, Staples and so on.
Coupon Slider Removal GuideCoupon Slider screenshot
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The problem with this browser add-on is that it is a potentially unwanted application, especially when it comes with bundled freeware applications. Although it does prompt you about the oncoming installation, it is very easy to overlook the installation wizard, and just go through automatically. As a result, you install completely unnecessary browser add-on, and later on even get assaulted by pop-up advertisements. What is more, Coupon Slider collects your browsing data and if it gets exploited by malicious third party, you may as well get infected with malware. That is why, it is for the best to delete Coupon Slider if you do not use it.

Manual Coupon Slider Removal

Windows 8

  1. Move mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. When Charms bar appears, click Settings and go to Control Panel.
  3. Click Uninstall a program and remove Coupon Slider.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open Start Menu and go to Control Panel.
  2. Click Uninstall a program and remove Coupon Slider.

Windows XP

  1. Open Start menu and go to Control Panel.
  2. Select Add or remove programs and uninstall Coupon Slider.

Once the manual removal is complete, scan your computer with SpyHunter free scanner and make sure that your system is safeguarded against other possible threats from outside.

In non-techie terms:

Coupon Slider is a browser add-on that is supposed to improve your online shopping experience and help you save money. Unfortunately, it can cause several security risks that would result in your getting infected with malware. Therefore, you should remove Coupon Slider from your computer as soon as you can.

Aliases: CouponSlider.