Core.cache.dsk Removal Guide

Do you know what Core.cache.dsk is?

Core.cache.dsk is a malicious file that may record your keystrokes when you are on a search engine website. Core.cache.dsk can use your search terms to redirect you to unwanted websites. Core.cache.dsk is a nasty spyware file that usually launches within windows startup files and the system registry. This is a sneaky tactic used by Core.cache.dsk so it can launch various annoying popup ads which are usually ones that say "Powered by Zedo".

Some of the ludicrous popup ads that Core.cache.dsk displays may redirect users to dangerous websites such as aavalue,,,, and These websites are part of the Core.cache.dsk group of ads that lead to the download or installation of rogue anti-spyware.

In non-techie terms: Core.cache.dsk is a dangerous infection to have on your computer. At all costs do not click on any popup advertisements that Core.cache.dsk may generate such as the ones mentioned above. Core.cache.dsk was designed by hackers to use popup ads to trick users into purchasing fake spyware software. Do not under any circumstances download or purchase any software related to Core.cache.dsk or its malicious websites.

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