CoolWebSearch toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what CoolWebSearch toolbar is?

You will not miss CoolWebSearch toolbar running within your browser, whether you have activated it yourself or it was installed alongside some free program. Even though the toolbar does not look harmful, you should not engage with this browser hijacker in any way. It is this malicious browser plugin that is causing uncontrollable redirections to suspicious web sites, filtering your search results and bombarding your with online advertisements. It is very important to delete CoolWebSearch toolbar from your Internet browser, and if you are still unsure of the reasons behind this urgency – continue reading.

The malicious browser hijacker is composed of executables, dynamic link library files and other malicious components that can be dropped within your operating system’s Local Disk without any alert from existing security tools. This is because many malware detectors are not appropriately equipped to recognize CoolWebSearch toolbar as malignant. Despite this, you need to be careful with the malicious browser plugin and such files as mshp.dll, crqf32.exe,, DownloaderEXE.exe, rsysinit.exe and services.exe. These files can tamper with the Windows Registry, disable Windows Security Center, block Firewall updates, implement BHO, steal login data, send spam emails using SMTP protocols and enable remote server connections. Therefore, the sooner you remove CoolWebSearch toolbar, the quicker your full control over the browser and the PC will be restored.

In non-techie terms:

You should not commence with manual CoolWebSearch toolbar removal processes if you do not know how to inspect your computer and delete additionally existing infections that potentially could be active within the operating Windows system. Instead you should trust automatic removal tools, like SpyHunter, especially since this application can also guard your PC against cyber criminals and their malicious scams that you could face in the future.

Aliases: Cool Web Search toolbar.