Control Components Removal Guide

Do you know what is Control Components?

Control Components is the newest malware - which coincidentally is also a clone of many familiar scams. This particular parasite tends to spread via Trojan infections. A Trojan horse will enter into a computer system via security exploits, and will then continue to leave a backdoor for additional malware to enter into the computer in question. Control Components attempts to t and coerce unsuspecting computer users into purchasing their rogue security toolControl Components. Control Components claims top be able to delete infections from the user's computer system. This is wholly untrue! Control Components is a fraud! The makers of Control Components seek to misappropriate the unsuspecting user’s money.

In non-techie terms

When Control Components is embed within a system, as soon as the computer is started, fake system alerts and fraudulent scans will be employed by Control Components – all mere tactics of persuasion – to convince the user that their system is in fact inundated with malware! Note to self – this is NOT real – all the scans and notifications are tactics used to ensure the end goal of money swindling. The best thing to do would be to make use of a reputable and legitimate anti-spyware tool to remove Control Components as soon as possible.

Aliases: ControlComponents, Rogue.Control Components, rogue.ControlComponents