Comrade HT Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Comrade HT Ransomware is?

Ransomware programs continue to grow in number these days. Our researchers have encountered yet another application of this classification which is known as Comrade HT Ransomware. If you ever happen to come across this malicious piece of software, be sure to do everything that you can to refrain from it at all costs. It is crucial to do so because the malware in question is fully capable of locking large quantities of your files without any warning whatsoever. It goes without saying that due to such functionality you might have to face devastating outcomes. In our report, we provide detailed information about the intricate inner workings of this ransomware application. Alongside such information, we provide a few security recommendations that will help you improve your overall virtual security. Besides all of that, we also include a detailed removal guide that will help you delete Comrade HT Ransomware in just a few steps.

The overall functionality of Comrade HT Ransomware does not differ all that much from other programs of this category. As soon as it gains access to your operating system, this malicious program scans the contents of your entire hard drive. That is done to determine the data that will be locked. The next step is the encryption process. Unfortunately, very few users, if any at all, can stop this program before it has done any harm because the encryption procedure is completely silent. It is important to note that the ransomware in question uses a robust algorithm to lock your files. Due to the powerful nature of the cipher, manual decryption is not an option. The malicious application primarily targets file types such as .jpg, .png, .txt, .ppt, .pptx, .doc, .docx, .mp3, .mp4, .mov, .wav, .psd, and quite a few others. You should also know that at the moment this malware encrypts data only located in the %USERPROFILE% and its subfolders. As soon as the encryption is over, you will notice a warning note entitled DECRYPT_FILES.txt on your desktop. It provides information regarding what has happened and demands a ransom in return for decryption services. You are asked to pay a ransom of $480 using Bitcoin. While some users, might see this as a viable way to get their files decrypted, it is important to note that developers of this program are not legally bound to unlock the data even if you make the payment. Your best bet to regain access to your files is by using shadow copies or a recent backup or your hard drive. It should be more than obvious by now that you must delete Comrade HT Ransomware at the very same instances that it is found active on your PC.Comrade HT Ransomware Removal GuideComrade HT Ransomware screenshot
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To improve your overall virtual security, you must take a few simple precautionary steps. Firstly, we urge users to make regularly scheduled backups of their hard drive. By doing this, you will be able to restore your data in just a few minutes even if a ransomware program hits your operating system. To lower the risk of coming across a malicious program, be sure to practice safe browsing habits. Avoid all questionable download sites because they can host bundled installers, which might be filled with suspicious and even malicious programs. You must also know that cyber crooks are known to use spam email campaigns for distribution reasons; therefore, we highly advise you refrain from all email attachments that are sent by unknown sources. Furthermore, we recommend learning as much as possible about any application you are about to download and install. It is essential to do so because malware developers tend to use false advertising to trick users into obtaining their invasive and even malicious programs. Finally and most importantly, be sure to install a reliable antimalware tool because it provides overall system security at all times.

Use the instructions that we provide below to delete Comrade HT Ransomware once and for all. As soon as you are done with the instructions that we present below, make sure to recheck your entire operating system for potential leftovers associated with Comrade HT Ransomware. We urge users to do this because traces of this ransomware could act in an intrusive. For example, just a single leftover file or a registry entire could be more than enough to restore this malicious program without your knowledge. In other situations, those same traces could be just enough for Comrade HT Ransomware to continue its malicious functionality.

How to remove Comrade HT Ransomware

  1. Open your File Explorer.
  2. Go to C:\Users\[your username]\Documents.
  3. Select a file entitled Windows.exe and the tap Delete on your keyboard.
  4. Close your File Explorer.
  5. Click the Windows button.
  6. Type regedit into the search box and tap Enter on your keyboard.
  7. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  8. Select a registry value entitled Windows_Defender and then tap Delete on your keyboard.
  9. Right-click the Recycle Bin and then select the Empty Recycle Bin option.

In non-techie terms:

We also provide an alternative removal guide for all users that find manual removal too complicated. Follow the instructions that we present below and you will be able to delete every single bit of Comrade HT Ransomware in a fully automated manner.