Cobunce Removal Guide

Do you know what Cobunce is?

Cobunce may look like your next best friend because this application is promoted as a new shopping assistant. Supposedly, the program can help you purchase whatever you want at a lower price, thus saving you money. However, we regret to tell you that Cobunce is just an adware application, devised to make use of the unsuspecting users in elaborate monetary schemes. The program itself cannot cripple your computer, but it could be taken advantage of by cyber criminals and other malevolent parties. Thus, if you care about your system’s security, it is for the best to remove Cobunce right now.

Our team has encountered similar adware applications before, and we can surely say that Cobunce is extremely annoying. It is somewhat similar to Coupondo, especially considering the fact that both programs cannot be removed via Control Panel. Also, the programs behave in a similar pattern because they employ tracking cookies to collect information on your browsing history. Although the program tries its best to look like a decent application, the truth is that it is an intrusive piece of software that can seriously jeopardize your system’s security. That is why you should never tolerate such applications just because they seem harmless.

Judging from the fact that the main website for Cobunce at is entirely in Russian, we can assume that the primary target of the program’s creators is computer users in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries. The application is mostly distributed in software packages, so if you frequent Russian language sites that offer freeware, there is a good chance you could get infected with Cobunce as well. The disappointing point is that users install this application willingly even if they are not aware of that. The adware does not need to trick you into setting it up. Users are simply not attentive enough to avoid installing this application on their PCs.Cobunce Removal GuideCobunce screenshot
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Once Cobunce is on your computer, you can expect to experience an onslaught of annoying pop-ups and other types of advertisements. You will be shown coupons that say you can purchase something cheaper. However, you should know better than to click such notifications. When an ad is shown by a potentially malicious program, there is nothing legitimate about that ad. On top of that, Cobunce cannot even guarantee that you will be redirected to safe websites if you happen to click on its ads.

Cobunce employs third-party advertising networks to promote its pop-ups and get the content for them. However, the program’s privacy policy does not cover the third-party content, and so, Cobunce bears no responsibility for whatever might happen if you were exposed to malicious content. Before any of that happens, do yourself a favor and delete Cobunce from the system.

As mentioned, it is not possible to uninstall the program via Control Panel, but you can do that by deleting its folder from the LocalAppData directory. We provide the removal tutorial below this description, and you can also try out the secondary set of instructions at the bottom of the page.

Do everything you can to secure your system against potential threats. Please invest in a licensed antispyware tool because that is the most efficient way to safeguard your PC.

How to Remove Cobunce from Windows

  1. Press Win+R and the Run command prompt will open.
  2. Type %LOCALAPPDATA% into the blank box and press Enter.
  3. When the directory loads, locate the Cobunce folder.
  4. Highlight it and delete it permanently.

In non-techie terms:

Cobunce is an annoying program that does not allow you browse the Interne the way you are used to. It will spy on you by collecting information on your web browsing habits. You have to remove Cobunce immediately because no one should tolerate such behavior. Not to mention that the program could be exploited by cyber criminals and eventually your computer could be infected with Trojans, ransomware, and other dangerous threats.