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Do you know what is?

It appears to be could be a browser hijacker. Our computer security specialists believe it might be using a custom Google search engine to show users modified search results. This would mean besides the results gathered by the mentioned search engine; the application could also place additional advertising content from its third-party partners. Unfortunately, in such case, it would be advisable to be extra cautious with such material because no one can tell where it could come from; meaning, there is a possibility some of it might appear to be potentially dangerous. Under such circumstances, we do not think it would be wise to use, especially, when you can browse the Internet with the original or any other reputable search engine. If you think the same, we encourage you to get rid of this browser hijacker while following our removal guide located below this text. Also, to learn more about, we invite you to continue reading our article.

Currently, there is not much known about this browser hijacker, but our researchers think it could be distributed with software bundles. For example, might be bundled with unreliable browser extensions, toolbars, or other programs designed for Google Chrome since it is the only browser it is compatible with. Some users may not even realize they are installing anything else besides the chosen application if they do not pick advanced installation settings or pay attention to the information on the configuration wizard. Many legitimate or malicious software installers are bundled with one or more suggestions nowadays; which is why it is so important to review all conditions carefully as in some cases users are allowed to deselect unwanted suggestions. To keep the system safe, we would strongly advise doing this with installers downloaded from unreliable sources like P2P file-sharing networks. For extra protection, users could install a reputable antimalware tool too.

Furthermore, our computer security specialists also think might be a clone of similar browser hijackers called and Just as the mentioned applications, this tool could hijack user’s browser by replacing his homepage, new tab page, or even search engine with itself. As a result, the user might feel forced to use it to surf the Internet with it instead of searching it with his preferred search engine. However, what is even worse is there is a possibility could gather results with a modified version of Google search engine and then inject them with additional third-party advertising content to generate advertising revenue, and so on. Sadly, no one can say where such ads may come from, which means interacting with them might be dangerous. In the worst case scenario, the third-party ads could redirect to sites distributing Trojans, viruses, or other malware, websites trying to steal your personal or sensitive data, and so Removal screenshot
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If you want your computer to be clean and safe, we would advise you not to take any chances with applications like as there are more trustworthy search engines to pick, for example,,, and so on. Users who decide to get rid of the browser hijacker can do so manually while following the removal guide we placed a bit below this paragraph. Another way to deal with it is to acquire a reliable antimalware tool. Then you could scan the system and afterward all possible threats could be erased at once by clicking the provided deletion button.


  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Select Settings and slide down.
  4. Click on Advanced and scroll down again.
  5. Select Reset then press the Reset button.

In non-techie terms: seems to be a browser hijacker, which means it could modify your particular browser settings to place itself instead of your usual homepage, new tab page, or default search engine. It is essential to know the tool is based on Google search engine, but it is not exactly the same as it is more like a custom version of it. Therefore, we believe the application might show user additional third-party advertising content that may not be trustworthy, for example, it could promote malicious web pages, scam sites, and so on. Naturally, given the risks and the fact the threat can be replaced by at least a few reputable search engines, we do not recommend using it. Instead, we advise deleting the browser hijacker while following the removal guide available a bit above this paragraph or with a reliable antimalware tool of your choice.