Cash Back Assistant Removal Guide

Do you know what Cash Back Assistant is?

Cash Back Assistant is an intrusive adware application that will most definitely cause you a lot of trouble. Therefore, our analysts at advise that you remove it at your earliest convenience, because failure to do so might result in various malicious infections corrupting your computer. It must be noted that this adware only affects Internet Explorer, which is not surprising since it has always been known to be more susceptible to adware. In short, Cash Back Assistant is an application that is dedicated to harassing you with commercial advertisements. This application is not beneficial in any way. Therefore, it would be best that you remove it. However, we recommend that you read this article in order to understand the dangers it might pose.

The presence of Cash Back Assistant is easy to notice, because it manifests itself as a sidebar on the left side of Internet Explorer. You should be wary of the numerous commercial advertisements featured on the sidebar. It is crucial to understand that these ads are developed by various third parties. Typically, adware developers and advertisers enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement. Adware developers get paid by utilizing the pay-per-click system, which generates income each time you click a sponsored ad. Advertisers generate income from online purchases of their merchandise or services.Cash Back Assistant Removal GuideCash Back Assistant screenshot
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However, cyber criminals may also utilize adware such as Cash Back Assistant to advance their own personal agenda. They might promote misleading advertisements where you might get duped into buying something at a higher price than promised. Furthermore, you might purchase a product or service and never receive it. We are of the opinion that this risk alone is enough to warrant your removing Cash Back Assistant. In addition, you might also want to remove Cash Back Assistant because it has the ability to collect information about you. Cash Back Assistant is known to record clicks, browsing history, browser settings, search terms, and other information. It monitors your behavior, which then allows third parties and the developers of Cash Back Assistant to make changes to their advertising campaigns.

Perhaps worst of all, Cash Back Assistant is also capable of infecting your computer with malware. You might be tempted to click a fake Java or Adobe Flash Player ad and get your computer infected with rogue anti-malware scanners, Trojans, or other adware applications. As you can see, Cash Back Assistant is, indeed, a dangerous application that could severely jeopardize your system's security if you don’t remove it in a timely manner.

All things considered, there is no reason for Cash Back Assistant to remain on your computer. We advise you not to neglect your system’s security, but to remove it immediately. Failure to recognize the dangers it poses might result in your computer getting infected with dangerous malware. Or you could be misled into trusting unreliable ads. Once again, we advise you to remove Cash Back Assistant by following our removal guide below.

How to remove Cash Back Assistant from Windows

Windows 8/8.1

  1. Open the Start Screen.
  2. Type Uninstall in the search box and then go to Settings.
  3. In the search results, go to Uninstall a program.
  4. Locate Cash Back Assistant and click Uninstall.

Windows 7/Vista

  1. Click Start.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Click Uninstall a program.
  4. Locate Cash Back Assistant and click Uninstall.

Windows XP

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Select Add or Remove Programs.
  4. Locate Cash Back Assistant and click Uninstall.

Remove Cash Back Assistant from Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+X.
  2. Click Manage Add-ons.
  3. Click Toolbars and Extensions.
  4. Remove/Disable Cash Back Assistant and click Close.

In non-techie terms:

Cash Back Assistant is an obnoxious adware application that manifests itself as a sidebar on Internet Explorer in order to bombard you with commercial advertisements. We encourage you to remove Cash Back Assistant, because the ads might infect your computer with malicious applications. Furthermore, it might collect information about your browsing habits that could be used for illicit activities.