Camking Removal Guide

Do you know what Camking is?

Camking is an infamous computer infection which can install itself without permission and then auto start every time you turn on the computer. The dangerous threat is categorized as a Trojan because it has been linked to clandestine drive-by download and social engineering scams used for malware distribution. Needless to say, it is a complicated task to delete Camking or any other secretly running threat. What is more, malicious Trojans often travel together with multiple undesirable, unreliable and intrusive applications, which is why the removal is even more complex. Nevertheless, you need to eliminate all threats which may have been installed onto the PC.Camking Removal GuideCamking screenshot
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Are you worried about Camking removal? This is unlikely because the infection has been active a long time ago, during 2003 and 2005. What about the files related to the so-called Trojan.Win32.Camking? Could they be active on your operating system? Even though this is not likely either, it is still possible. As malware researchers have recently discovered, components linked to the malicious Trojan could be used to attack your operating system today. Note that these are not considered to be extremely devious because all they can do is try to connect to your computer. This beats the ability to hijack the webcam and capture images, something that Camking has been infamous for in the past. All in all, if you discover OSLoader.exe or other suspicious files which may belong to the threat, you should remove them right away. Note that some of these files could mimic authentic components. For example, OSLoader is a name which corresponds to a file which may belong to the malicious Trojan or Microsoft software.

You should not allow any malicious program running on the operating system. Files which belong to outdated, no longer active infections could still be used in a malicious way. Therefore, we suggest that you scan the computer and remove Camking if it is found right away. What about other threats? Do you suspect the existence of other malicious infections? You should not ignore your suspicions and use automatic malware removal software to scan the PC and remove threats if they do exist. Automatic malware removers will delete Camking as well.

In non-techie terms:

Even though Camking is a Trojan which has been deactivated years ago, computer users still report finding files related to this infection on their Windows operating systems. Since Trojan files may be hidden and other threats could be installed onto the PC without your permission, we strongly advise utilizing automatic malware removal software. You can use the instructions posted below for this task.