Bundespolizei Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Bundespolizei Virus is?

The disastrous Bundespolizei Virus is one of the many different ransomware infections that have been found in Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Greece and other European countries. The virus can be infiltrated into the computer through encrypted or bundled downloads and other security vulnerabilities that are highly secretive and may be unnoticed by the targeted PC’s owner. After this action, the dangerous program may surreptitiously download components necessary for the schemers’ attack and hide them so that you would not be able to delete Bundespolizei Virus before it even attacks.

Multiple malignant files are meant to disturb the system, circumvent security tools, remove your access to such Windows utilities as Task Manager and eventually lock the screen and present you with a disturbing, fictitious message. This warning may be shown in a different language, depending on your geographical location. Nonetheless, whether it is the Buma Stemra virus, the Metropolitan Police or any other Ukash infection, the fictitious warning will accuse you of copyrighted material infringement, illegal pornography distribution and other cyber crimes. The warning below supposedly represents a notification provided by the Bundespolizei, which is why it is written in German and is “embellished” by a familiar law enforcement agency logo.

Das Betriebssystem wurde im Zusammenhang mit Verstoβen gegen die Bundesrepublik Deutschland gesperrt! […]
Um die Sperre des Computers aufzuheben, sind Sie dazu verflichten eine Strafe von 100 Euro zu zahlen. Sie haben zwei Möglichkeiten die Zhlung von 100 Euro zu leisten.

Below the requests of paying 100€ fine for supposedly performed cyber crimes, you will be informed that you can contact einzahlung@inter-bundeskriminalamt.eu. Of course, if you actually emailed the address, you would either get no response or schemers would attempt to trick you into paying the fictitious fine. What is more, if you emailed the address, you would expose your personal email, and Bundespolizei Virus cyber criminals could use that in other devious scams. Therefore, it would be best if you ignored the email, contacted the real law enforcement authorities, notified them of the incident and removed the virus from the PC.

In non-techie terms:

The devious ransomware will block your Windows system and make it impossible to run the computer as normal; therefore, you need to delete Bundespolizei Virus from the PC without any hesitations. It may be extremely hard to remove the infectious program from the computer if you proceed manually, because the virus could be supported by rootkit Trojans and regenerate if you miss malignant components during the removal. It is much more reliable to have the Bundespolizei Virusdeleted deleted with automatic removal tools, and you can download them using these simple steps:

  1. Use the Safe Mode with Networking feature after restarting and hitting F8.
  2. Go to Run, enter “msconfig” and locate Startup in the appeared menu. Disable All.
  3. Now, download automatic removal tools and install them after rebooting your operating Windows system as usual.

Aliases: Bundespolizei.