Botnet.cacaoweb Removal Guide

Do you know what Botnet.cacaoweb is?

Botnet.cacaoweb is a botnet, or a collection of interconnected systems, which has been created to perform distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Do you know what these attacks are targeted at or how your operating system could become an integral part of this massive botnet which has been created by mischievous cyber criminals? If you do not delete Botnet.cacaoweb related components, you personal system could be used to perform DDoS attacks against various websites, including or These attacks are meant to disable access to the websites; however, the real intentions are still unknown. Nevertheless, it is clear that this activity is illegal and that your virtual protection will not be secure until you withdraw your own operating system from the botnet.

There are several different ways to disclose the activity of Botnet.cacaoweb. First of all, you may discover that the operating system is running disorderly, which may indicate that malicious, intrusive software has been infiltrated onto the PC. You can also use a reliable malware scanner to inspect the operating system and disclose the location of malignant software. Additionally, you can reveal the activity of malware by checking the Processes list within the Task Manager. We advise to beware of the malicious executable cacaoweb.exe which may hide in a folder under %APPDATA%. Even though it is most likely that this file will be installed onto your personal computer using secretive software packaging scams, you could install it yourself by installing the supposedly legitimate application offering private cloud management services from Note that this application offers to ‘remove time limits of other hosting platforms’, and this identifies highly suspicious activity.

Malicious botnets can be used to perform DDoS attacks, spread corrupted spam emails and distribute malware in other ways. If you do not want to jeopardize the security of your own system, and you do not want to be linked to schemers, you should remove Botnet.cacaoweb components from your PC. This task is extremely complicated if you are not experienced and you decide to proceed with manual removal; however, automatic malware removal software will have no issues.

In non techie terms:

You need to delete Botnet.cacaoweb related components to sever any ties with the network of corrupted systems which schemers can connect to it illegally. The botnet has been created by schemers to perform illegal activity, which is why you should not ignore its activity. Utilize reliable automatic malware detection and removal to ensure that all botnet components are removed from your operating system.

Aliases: Botnet cacaoweb.