"Best Video" Twitter Scam Attacks Computers

Hackers are ramping up their activities in going after Twitter users again with a new "Best Video" tweet scam.

Cybercrooks are recently attempting to lure victims into visiting a web site that launches PDF-based attacks according to security researchers.

Kaspersky analysts have discovered a malicious site, juste.ru, that contains an embedded YouTube video that will use methods to launch a PDF attack eventually installing the rogue anti-spyware application System Security.

We know from experience that the rogue anti-spyware program System Security is heavily falsely advertised and pushed off on computer users as an application that is able to detect and remove spyware parasites.

It is believed that the cybercrooks behind this twitter attack have compromised logins from other recent TwitterCut phishing attacks or previous spamming methods used on twitter. Twitter is just one source that cybercrooks are using and could move onto use other social networks.

Twitter is aware of this issue and they are constantly working to resolve it as to not affect additional users. As of now, they are warning users to use caution and avoid any "Best Video" tweets or others that look suspicious. In addition, keeping your Adobe software up-to-date is another preventative measure to take as the crooks are using exploits within Adobe's reader software to initiate this type of attack.

Do you foresee several more Twitter attacks from cyber criminals to spread their malicious software such as rogue anti-spyware programs?