BeautyBrilliant Removal Guide

Do you know what BeautyBrilliant is?

If you constantly face suspicious advertisements shown via pop-up Internet Explorer windows, it is likely that BeautyBrilliant has invaded your operating system. This ad-supported program is introduced in an attractive manner, but it is completely, entirely useless. If you download it, you will be provided with the same content that you would see by visiting Besides this – and this is the key to the entire program – it will show various offers, and most of them, if not all of them, will be misleading and unreliable. Even if you are careful, it is dangerous to keep this adware installed on your PC because it was found to collect and leak sensitive, private information. Needless to say, we think it is crucial to delete BeautyBrilliant from the operating system, and we want to help you eliminate it successfully.

Right after downloading this ad-supported program from its official site,, you will be redirected to, or some other page promoting misleading content. Our research team has found that different kinds of offers will be shown to you depending on where you live, and this information can be collected by tracking cookies. After this, every time you launch BeautyBrilliant or simply browse the web, you will be introduced to ads served via,, and other suspicious sites. The offers shown to you will urge you to click links, enter personal information, download software, and act in other risky ways. Regardless of what kinds of deals you are offered, you should resist them and immediately remove adware. We give the same advice to users whose computers are infected with MusicMain, NewsCert, and other unreliable ad-supported programs that work in similar or identical ways.BeautyBrilliant Removal GuideBeautyBrilliant screenshot
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Have you analyzed the Privacy Policy representing BeautyBrilliant? If you have, you must know that this adware works with unfamiliar parties and can leak your personal information to them. Unfortunately, it is likely that these parties involve unreliable advertisers and software distributors. Even the official installer published by Quality Funnel (Fried Cookie Ltd.) has been found to include hijackers (e.g., potentially unwanted programs, and other advertising-supported software. The last thing you need right now is the activity of other malicious programs; however, it is highly likely that you will have to deal with them. Even if you declined all other threats bundled together with adware, you must keep in mind that malicious programs could be introduced to you by BeautyBrilliant itself. This is exactly why you should not interact with the advertisements associated with this adware.

There are a few different ways to eliminate this adware from your operating system. You can remove the files in a folder (named after the program) under %ProgramFiles(x86)% or %ProgramFiles%, as well as the registry keys named “{C25DEAF1-3A52-471C-A473-16E7F0DE0A1B}_is1”, “” and “”. Needless to say, this is not the easiest way to eliminate this infection. What we recommend is a combination of two different methods. First, you need to uninstall this adware from your operating system, and you can learn how to do that by using the simple instructions below. After this, you should employ a legitimate security/anti-malware tool. Use this tool to get rid of the remaining infections – and it is likely that they exist along with adware – and to ensure that your operating system is protected from malicious programs in the future.

N.B. Should you choose to follow the manual removal, we advise utilizing a malware scanner to make sure that you are not missing any leftovers. Failure to eliminate all malware files can lead to malicious activity.

Delete adware from Windows

Windows XP

  1. Navigate to the Taskbar and click the Start menu icon.
  2. Open the Control Panel menu and then double-click the Add or Remove Programs icon.
  3. Find the undesirable program you wish to eliminate, click it, and select Remove.

Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

  1. Launch RUN (simultaneously tap Win+R keys on your keyboard).
  2. Enter Control Panel and click OK to open this menu.
  3. Move to the Programs menu (or Programs and Features) and click Uninstall a program.
  4. Right-click the program you want to delete from your PC and choose Uninstall.

In non-techie terms:

We strongly advise removing BeautyBrilliant from your operating system because this advertising-supported program does not offer any beneficial services, and it could put you at risk of encountering cyber criminals and their devious scams. Whether you uninstall this adware or delete all of its components one at a time, you must not forget to take care of your Windows security as well. Few users can protect their computers without the help of reliable security software, and, if you are not one of them, it is high time you installed an authentic, trustworthy security tool. Start a discussion below if you are having trouble choosing or installing security software.