Beast Removal Guide

Do you know what Beast is?

Beast is a dangerous computer infection which usually bypasses security applications, especially if they are out-dated. The threat is also known as remote access Trojan, because it enables a remote attacker to control the operating system, which may lead to serious and irreversible damage. Even though your security tool might be incapable of detecting the infection, you may notice that the computer is not operating properly. In such case, it is highly advisable to scan the computer for any potential infections, because they may be performing the actions which you would never suspect. If your PC is infected with Beast, a professional spyware removal tool will remove it easily.

The removal of this program is crucial, because this threat, as well as other remote access Trojans such as NetBus, RAT.WindWinSpy, ProRat can violate your privacy easily and do many illegal actions. As the name of the category to which the infection is attributed implies, Beast can receive commands from attackers, monitor the user and collect his/her personal information. Most importantly, the infection can control the infected machine. For example, it can shut down be computer, stop processes and control hardware devices. Moreover, the Beast infection can make screenshots of the screen, collect information inputs through the keyboard, steal the passwords of your accounts and be responsible for other privacy violation cases of which you may not be aware.

We encourage you not to wait in case you notice anything suspicious, because Beast is an infection that can damage the system in no time. Even though it is possible to remove spyware infection manually, one has to be highly experienced in removal procedures not to miss any component associated with the infection. Therefore, use a powerful and reliable spyware removal application and remove Beast automatically.

In non-techie terms:

Beast is a remote administrator tool that enables attackers to access the operating system of a computer and infect with more dangerous malware. Additionally, other violations of privacy are committed, which is why the infection should be removed with a reliable spyware removal tool as soon as possible.

Aliases: Trojan.Beast.