BatBitRst Removal Guide

Do you know what BatBitRst is?

BatBitRst might be the reason why you see so many suspicious pop-ups, banners, and other advertisements from unknown sources. Our computer security specialists say that the application falls under the classification of adware. Besides showing various ads, it may also download and place new questionable programs on your system. Therefore, if you find its displayed ads irritating, we advise you not to waste any time and delete BatBitRst before something goes wrong. As you continue reading our report we will explain more details about the adware, for example, we will talk about its effective manner, its possible distribution methods, the ways it could endanger the system, and so on. Slightly below the main text, users should find a removal guide prepared by our specialists; it will show how to delete the threat manually.

Our computer security specialists report BatBitRst could be spread with bundled software installers of various suspicious Russian applications, for example, ICLoader, Loskad, and so on. Such software might be downloaded from P2P file-sharing networks and other questionable sources. Thus, the next time we would advise you to stay away from such sites if you wish to avoid threats like BatBitRst. It is also advisable to always choose advanced or custom installation settings since it could allow the user to deselect bundled software. Another good idea would be to research the applications you want to install before downloading them so you could make sure they can be trusted. Nonetheless, if it is too complicated for the user to guard the system on his own, he could employ a reputable antimalware tool. Such a tool could be used to scan unreliable installers or other doubtful data from the Internet. Plus, the device itself may warn the user about threats, for example, after opening a malicious installer.

If the adware enters the system, it should create a lot of randomly named .exe and .bat files. According to our computer security specialists, such data should be scattered among the %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%, %PROGRAMFILES%, %APPDATA%, %LOCALAPPDATA%, %WINDIR%\System32, and %WINDIR%\SysWOW64 directories. Next, BatBitRst may create several tasks in the %WINDIR%\System32\Tasks so the computer would launch the program’s files automatically. Moreover, we noticed the threat could also place a suspicious extension called ScriptGate on user’s default browser. This add-on has only one start out of 5 on Chrome Web Store page, and our researchers say it might be used to help the adware display advertising content. Displaying advertisements from unknown third parties might endanger the computer itself since if the user clicks such ads he could end up on web pages containing malware. However, it looks like the program might be able to connect to a server called and download questionable applications from it without the user’s permission.

Clearly, by keeping BatBitRst, you will probably not gain anything beneficial (unless you like annoying third-party ads), on the contrary, leaving it installed could expose your computer to threats. Naturally, under such circumstances, we recommend erasing the adware with no hesitation. One of the ways to get rid of it is to eliminate all data associated with it manually. This task might be more difficult than it sounds, which is why we advise using our removal guide available below this paragraph. Still, if the manual deletion appears to be too complicated, you could install a reputable antimalware tool instead and let it erase the adware for you.

Eliminate BatBitRst

  1. Press Windows Key+E.
  2. Navigate to the provided locations separately:
  3. Look for suspicious files belonging to the adware, for example, OlrAUzVr, OlrAUzVr.bat, EdEGIIX.exe, 8962582.exe, and so on.
  4. Right-click files associated with the threat separately and select Delete.
  5. Locate the following path: %WINDIR%\System32\Tasks
  6. Erase files belonging to the suspicious application, for example, uFOImaUXBQltA, OUtyCVNqAaOi, and so on.
  7. Close File Explorer.
  8. Remove ScriptGate extension from your browser.
  9. Empty Recycle bin.
  10. Restart the system.

In non-techie terms:

BatBitRst appears to be an adware application, which means it’s main task is to provide the user with advertising content. The problem is such material might be potentially dangerous as it may come from unknown third parties. Not to mention the ads might disturb your browsing or simply annoy you. Consequently, we do not think it would be wise to leave this suspicious application installed. Users who think the same should erase it with no hesitation. For instance, if you feel up to the task you could follow the removal guide provided a bit above this paragraph and eliminate the adware manually. On the other hand, if the process seems to be a bit too complicating and you do not think you can manage you could install a reputable antimalware tool instead, set it to scan the computer, and the press the provided deletion button to get rid of all identified threats.