Backdoor.andromeda Removal Guide

Do you know what Backdoor.andromeda is?

In this report, we would like to talk about the so-called botnet known as Backdoor.andromeda. This malicious application can infect vulnerable computers that have security issues, for example, PCs without antimalware tools or with outdated software, etc. The worst part is that the malware can hide on the system and operate without revealing its presence. In other words, your computer could be connected to the botnet for months or even longer period and yet you may not realize it. While the malicious application is on the PC it might infect it with other malware, steal sensitive data, use the computer to attack other systems, etc. Therefore, it is important to get rid of the threat as soon as possible. We are adding removal guide below the main text, although it is more advisable to use a reliable security tool to deal with this backdoor. For more information, we encourage you to keep reading the article.

Our researchers say Backdoor.andromeda is a rather old infection, but it is still active to this day. The malware’s creators are spreading it through various malicious web pages. For example, users could receive the threat by downloading bundled malicious software installers, clicking suspicious pop-ups, installing fake application updates, and so on. If you cannot help yourself and sometimes wonder through unreliable websites, we would advise you to secure the system by acquiring a reputable antimalware tool. It should be always kept updated, so it could guard the system against newest threats. Additionally, we would advise users to think about other possible security flaws. Perhaps, you do not update your operating system, browser, or other programs on the computer? Outdated software might lead to security issues, so it might be better to have all the newest updates.

Once Backdoor.andromeda is installed the threat’s creators might be able to access the infected computer and record the user’s keystrokes or try to steal his sensitive data in other ways. It could also install other malware or attempt to trick you into installing it yourself, for example, show malicious pop-ups with fake updates, and so on. Moreover, with the malicious application’s help, the hackers could use your computer and all other infected PC for the so-called denial-of-service attacks (DDoS). The goal of these attacks might be to make particular services unavailable by dramatically increasing their traffic. The only way to stop the malware’s creators from using your computer or harming it is to delete all data related to the botnet.

It is known that Backdoor.andromeda may place a couple of executable files titled as svchost in the %ALLUSERSPROFILE% and %TEMP% directories. However, lately, it was noticed that the malicious application may choose random locations instead and place there randomly titled files. It is difficult to say how many different directories could be targeted or how many files exactly the infection could drop. As you realize, it makes the manual deletion process much more complicated. Also, it means the removal guide placed below might not help you if the malware settles somewhere else on your computer.

Since eliminating the malicious application manually might be too complicated, we would strongly advise users to use a reputable antimalware tool instead. Especially, for less experienced users who do not know how these threats operate. The security tool needs to be installed first, but then you can use the scanning feature and detect the infection automatically. After it finishes scanning the system, users should be able to get rid of all detected threats by simply clicking the deletion button. If you need more help or have some questions related to Backdoor.andromeda, keep it in mind you can write a comment below or reach us via social media.

Remove Backdoor.andromeda

  1. Press Windows Key+E.
  2. Navigate to given directories separately:
  3. Check if there are files titled as svchost.exe or any other suspicious data with random titles.
  4. Right-click suspicious files one by one and select Delete.
  5. Close the Explorer.
  6. Empty the Recycle bin.

In non-techie terms:

Backdoor.andromeda is a threat that settles on the computer without your permission or knowledge. Thus, many users might not even have a clue that their computer belongs to this botnet. We cannot say what exactly this malware should do to or with your computer, but usually, they attack PCs to send Spam emails from them, collect sensitive data, make DDoS attacks, and so on. To put it in other words, the infection may give the hackers a remote access to your computer and all data on it, so it is best to remove it immediately. Since erasing it manually might be too complicated it would be wiser not to risk the computer’s safety and employ a reliable antimalware tool that could successfully eliminate the backdoor.