AV Checker Removal Guide

Do you know what AV Checker is?

AV Checker is none other than a new rogue that is lurking around the internet and waiting to infect your machine. AV Checker makes use of some very clever tactics to try and convince you that your machine is infected in order to steal your money at a later stage. AV Checker actually steals the Windows Explorer Graphical User Interface in an attempt to make people believe that their machines are really infected. AV Checker runs very high risks of blocking your internet connection as well as modifying your registry.

These are some of the many warnings that your computer is infected:

  • Fake system scans.
  • Fake system scan report results.
  • Your internet connection being blocked.
  • Your internet browser being redirected.
  • Malicious files appearing on your system.
  • Being asked to buy a full version.
  • Your registry being tampered with.
  • Seeing a fake version of the graphical user interface of Windows Explorer.

In non techie terms:

Basically it is imperative that you watch out for any of these symptoms as if your computer gets infected with AV Checker you will seriously live to regret it. If you are unlucky and your machine does become infected with AV Checker then it is best that you make use of an antispyware removal tool. Many people whose computer systems have become infected with rogues have agreed that the automatic removal process with the use of an antispyware removal tool is the best way to go.

Aliases: AVChecker, rogue.AV Checker.