Av Antivirus Suite Removal Guide

Do you know what Av Antivirus Suite is?

Av Antivirus Suite is another rogue anti-spyware application - a complete scam! Av Antivirus Suite is designed to coerce PC users into believing that their computer system has been infected with various spyware and malware, all of which are tactics employed to ensure the unsuspecting user will fall for the scam and ultimately purchase the full version of Av Antivirus Suite, which, quite obviously is completely useless. Av Antivirus Suite hails from the same rogue family as Av security Suite. Av Antivirus Suite usually infects computers via misleading advertisements, which claim to be online virus scanners. Alternatively, Av Antivirus Suite may also enter into a computer system via Trojan infections. Once Av Antivirus Suite installed on a computer it will perform a system security scan and will definitely report malware infections found – it is important to note that these reported infections are fake! The best thing to do is to remove Av Antivirus Suite  asap! Av Antivirus Suite will also display annoying pop-up warning messages and system alert notifications, stating that the computer is infected. These warnings are also fictitious and should NOT be trusted!

In non-techie terms

Do not fall for the Av Antivirus Suite scam! Do not purchase this corrupt software, and most importantly remove Av Antivirus Suite and all its components from an infected system ASAP!

Aliases: AvAntivirusSuite, AvAntivirus Suite, Av AntivirusSuite.