Atlas DMT Removal Guide

Do you know what Atlas DMT is?

As you browse the Internet and click on certain web pages, HTTP cookies may get attached to your browser. You can allow Atlas DMT tracking cookie infiltrate the computer whilst visiting or company’s affiliate websites. Of course, the application is meant to help web page developers and marketers to identify you and collect certain data about your browsing habits. Despite all this, whether you are aware of its running or not, you need to delete Atlas DMT, because this tracking cookie has been detected to aid cyber criminals in their vicious online scams.

You will not be warned or notified about Atlas DMT existence even if your computer is protected by malware detection and removal software, because it usually is not categorized as malicious. Regardless, you should not doubt the maliciousness of the surreptitious program that is most likely to attack Windows XP systems. The tracking cookie can leak your personal data, allow malware invasions and can even disturb your Internet browser’s running. It is likely that your home page settings will be modified, your search results will be filtered and your sessions will be terminated by the unstoppable and uncontrollable web page redirections. This is how virtual crooks could involve you into their malicious scams, and since this is highly dangerous, you need to remove Atlas DMT:

  1. Launch the browser and go to
  2. Install SpyHunter removal tool.
  3. Scan your Windows system and remove infection.

In non techie terms:

You need to remove Atlas DMT as soon as you notice that there is something wrong with your computer. The longer you wait to start removal processes, the more chances schemers will have to infect your computer with other malware. Therefore, delete Atlas DMT using the instructions above.

Aliases: TrackingCokie.Atlas DMT.

  • Mette Risager Hansen

    I subscribe to Spyhunter and even though the program shows that Atlas DMT is deleted the program isn't clever enough to prevent Atlas DMT from returning afterwards.

  • Margaret McCall

    I also have Spyhunter and it says it is removed but Atlas DMT is still there next time it sccans