AntiVirus System 2011 Removal Guide

Do you know what AntiVirus System 2011 is?

Although there are different rogueware products discovered daily where the threat is not as severe, this is not the case with AntiVirus System 2011. Deriving from the same developers as Smart Security, AntiVirus System 2011 is not to be taken lightly. As with the inspiration behind any rogue security product, AntiVirus System 2011 is only interested in making money off its marks, and does not care nor is able to provide the services it so ambiguously advertises. It won’t stop at anything to successfully achieve its dubious goal, even going so far as to cause irreversible damage to its victim’s system. The entire AntiVirus System 2011 product is a cyst pool farce and users who value the safety and security of their systems should heed good advice and erase AntiVirus System 2011 from their systems.

Illicit online domains acting as browser hijackers forcefully redirect Internet users to their sites, where they entrap them with their suspect drive-by download tendencies. This remains the most popular way of delivering the AntiVirus System 2011 infection to targeted host PCs. Other forms of distribution include AntiVirus System 2011 bundling its Trojans and malware together with other legitimate security updates and software obtained from third party websites. The rogue will not reveal its presence to the user until it deems it the correct time, and this will happen through AntiVirus System 2011 spamming the user with various fake security alerts informing him that his PC is compromised by numerous crippling threats. These ambiguous fake alerts serve the purpose of endearing the user to AntiVirus System 2011, as well as AntiVirus System 2011 trying to cause panic among PC owners. These fake alerts are rubbish, and should not enjoy any attention from the user. Some of the more notorious fake alerts read as follows:

"Security Center
Unauthorized remote connection!
Your system is making an unauthorized personal data transfer to a remote computer!
Warning! Unauthorized personal data transfer is detected! It may be your personal credit card details, logins and passwords, browsing habits or information about files you have downloaded.
To protect your private data, please click "Prevent Connection" button below. "

"Security Center Alert
To help protect your computer, Security Center has blocked some features of this program.
Name: Screen.Grab.J.exe
Risk: High"

These messages are usually fraught with calls to action which opens the road for AntiVirus System 2011 to successfully conclude its campaign of fraud and extortion. If the user refuses to interact with the rogue, AntiVirus System 2011 will not be able to steal his money. If the user attempts to manually remove AntiVirus System 2011, the rogue will bar him from doing this by presenting the user with an error message saying he does not have administrative privileges to remove AntiVirus System 2011 from the system.

In cases like these it’s simply best to not only obliterate AntiVirus System 2011 from the PC, but also ensure your system is not made vulnerable to future attacks. The best way to ensure this is by investing in a security application which will destroy AntiVirus System 2011, and also secure and protect your PC against future attacks and similar threats.

In non techie terms:

AntiVirus System 2011 is a fake security application. AntiVirus System 2011 is unable to live up to its promises, and has no interest to protect or heal any infected PC. Do not allow AntiVirus System 2011 to steal your money and devastate your system. Obliterate AntiVirus System 2011 by making use of the removal power of a genuine security tool.

Aliases: AntiVirusSystem2011, AntiVirusSystem 2011, AntiVirus System2011.