AntiVirus Solution 2010 Removal Guide

Do you know what AntiVirus Solution 2010 is?

AntiVirus Solution 2010, better known as AntiVirusSolution2010 is a scam. Users should never believe any of the lies touted by AntiVirus Solution 2010, as it is simply a ploy to fleece consumers out of their money. AntiVirus Solution 2010's strengths lie in their legitimate looking interfaces, which easily fools inexperienced users.

AntiVirus Solution 2010 will play on the fears of users who value their system’s health and security. Once it infects the system with its harmful Trojans, the user will be inundated with fake security messages informing him of devastating infections on his system. These are all fictitious infections of threats which do not exist.

The purpose of AntiVirus Solution 2010 is to scare consumers into buying its fake security tools. Once the AntiVirus Solution 2010 infection is unleashed on a system, PC owners will experience increasing system instability, slow or blocked internet connections and browser redirecting. Remove AntiVirus Solution 2010 immediately to prevent further damage to the system.

In non techie terms:

this AntiVirus Solution 2010 is nothing more than a sophisticate looking sham. Delete AntiVirus Solution 2010 as a matter of urgency to restore control of the PC to its rightful owner.

Aliases: AntiVirusSolution2010, AntiVirusSolution 2010, AntiVirus Solution2010.