Antivirus Scan Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivirus Scan is?

Don’t fall for the deceptive tricks employed by Antivirus Scan, a harmful rogue antispyware application only out to steal your money and leave you with an empty shell. Antivirus Scan is developed, marketed and distributed by cyber criminals with the dubious intent of fleecing honest consumers out of their hard earned money. Nothing about Antivirus Scan is real, and users are urged never to trust any correspondence received from Antivirus Scan. PC owners who value the safety and security of their systems need to erase Antivirus Scan from their systems without delay. Antivirus Scan is usually spread with the help of fake antimalware scanners, illicit websites making use of drive-by download tactics and surreptitious Trojan and malware bundled downloads. Users who did not remove Antivirus Scan in time have reported on various distressing symptoms emanating from this infection. Some have reported blocked Internet connection, and the inability to launch legitimate executables.

In non techie terms:

Increased system instability and erratic behaviour, along with dramatically slowed system performance have also been reported. In order to limit the damage posed to your system, you are well advised to eliminate Antivirus Scan before it’s too late. Destroy Antivirus Scan off your system before it destroys the PC.

Aliases: AntivirusScan.