Antivirus Clean 2011 Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivirus Clean 2011 is?

Falling for the lies of Antivirus Clean 2011 can be very easy, because this software application sports an appearance of a genuine security program. Its interface has a shield icon, which is a symbol commonly used by computer safeguard applications. However, despite its appearance Antivirus Clean 2011 is not what it pretends to be. This application is a rogue antispyware, and it cannot protect your computer from various threats. Worse, it damages your machine.

Rogue antispyware applications are created to mimic the behavior of genuine security programs, and then trick computer users into spending their money for a completely worthless product. Antivirus Clean 2011 is exactly that kind of piece of software and it starts its journey to your computer long before it is downloaded or installed into your system.

Sometimes the distributors of rogue antispyware such as Antivirus Clean 2011 are using the blackhat SEO techniques to improve the traffic to a site hosting the rogue’s download file. They simply use the keywords which are the most popular to appear at the top of the search, even though the search term is absolutely irrelevant to the content of the site. When people are searching for something, and they see the first few results in the search list, they are bound to click on them. And naturally, if the link belongs to a malicious site, they will face the threat of Antivirus Clean 2011 infection. In fact, sometimes it is not even necessary to click anywhere on the site to start the download, because in some cases the download can be programmed to start automatically.

When Antivirus Clean 2011 is entrenched in your computer is sends you exaggerated security reports saying that you have been infected by multiple viruses, and that you need to activate the program in order to remove the threats. Sadly, Antivirus Clean 2011 does not have the capability of detecting and removing various threats, because it is a malicious application itself and it only needs your credit card number, so that the people behind this scam could steal your money in no time.

In order to avoid the slow performance of your computer, the onslaught of fake security alerts and the most probably theft, you need to take care of this infection as soon as you can. It is possible to remove Antivirus Clean 2011 manually, but it requires a little bit more of advanced computer knowledge, so if you are not sure whether you could do it on your on, acquire a reliable rogue removal tool. It would help you to terminate Antivirus Clean 2011 automatically.

In non techie terms:

Antivirus Clean 2011 is a rogue antispyware which looks a lot like a real security program, but it is only a malicious software application which will swindle you out of your money, if you allow it stay in your computer. Make sure you delete Antivirus Clean 2011 for good, before any of this happens.

Aliases: AntivirusClean2011.