AntiVira Av Removal Guide

Do you know what AntiVira Av is?

New computer threats are always waiting for you to lose your guard, so they could enter your computer system and strip down your security. AntiVira Av is a rogue antispyware armed well enough to put your system to a severe security test. It is a clone of Antivirus Action, Antivirus .NET and Antivirus Scan. Following in the steps of its forerunners, AntiVira Av comes forth with intention to extract your earnings.

There are a few ways to get infected by AntiVira Av. Sometimes it might utilize browser hijackers in order to enter your PC. You might also be convinced to download the rogue set-up file by a fake online scan. You can be convinced by fake video players that you need to install some kind of video codecs which actually are Trojan downloader files able to download AntiVira Av without you even noticing it. Be sure you check what you click on, because you might be downloading a parasite infection.

Once you are infected, you will be greeted by an appealing rogue interface which eventually will start a fake system scan. During the “scan” this malware will find various threats in your computer and will bombard you with security error messages, but you have to realize that all these threats AntiVira Av shows are fake. It might look like it is trying to clean your system, but in fact the rogue is the only pest you have. Don’t get intimidated by the avalanche of security notifications. It merely wants to trick you into giving away your credit card information.

Take your computer security seriously. Terminate AntiVira Av, before you get any more serious errors. It is an annoying parasite, because it changes your proxy settings and you can access nothing, but AntiVira Av webpage. The rogue is just that insolent in its attempt to extract money from you.

Whatever the rogue might try to prove you, its arguments are worthless, because AntiVira Av is a fake security tool. It was created to manipulate gullible computer users and you will definitely do yourself a favor by ignoring its claims. Keep your system safe and kill AntiVira Av so it could no longer cause any damage to your PC.

Notice, that Antivira AV my block your internet connection. You must restart Your computer in SAFE MODE:

  1. As your computer restarts but before Windows loading screen, press F8 a few times which should bring a menu option. Navigate with keyboard arrows and select "SAFE MODE with Networking".
  2. After the computer boots up run Internet Explorer. Click "Tools", select "Internet options". Press on the "Connections" tab and click "LAN Settings" in the bottom of this window. Unmark the checkbox labeled "Use a proxy server for your LAN" and close the option windows.
  3. CLICK HERE to download Spyhunter installer and save it on the desktop.
  4. Restart Your computer to launch it in the normal mode. After Windows has loaded, run the saved installer which should kill Antivirus AV blockage and let You remove the infection.

In non techie terms:

AntiVira Av is a fake security application, which tries to look reliable. It is a rogue anti-spyware made to deceive computer users. Never trust in AntiVira Av, because it wants to steal your credit card information. It also puts your computer in great danger, so terminate AntiVira straight away.

Aliases: AntiViraAv.