Antivir 2010 Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivir 2010?

Antivir 2010 is classified as a counterfeit security application, representing a legitimate security suite, but is comepletly fake. This malicious software tends to be advertised via online advertisements. The installation process begins at quite respectable websites, where the creators of these dubious applications, hackers, proceed to publish their forbidden content (forbidden or not approved by the publishers of these legitimate websites). For instance, they may post an advertisement inviting the user to read particular breaking news.

In non-techie terms:

It has been found out that instead of reading the promised news, the unsuspecting user will be forced to get familiar with Antivir 2010 descriptions and are then coerced into downloading its trial version. Alternatively, Antivir 2010 is downloaded covertly, with the help of Trojan infections. It is recommended to remove Antivir 2010 and all its affiliated components, to ensure the safety of any PC system. Antivir 2010 is the latest scam – and one should never trust its claims! Remove Antivir 2010 instead!

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