Ahorrememoria Removal Guide

Do you know what Ahorrememoria is?

Ahorrememoria is a clone of AVSystemCare which is a fake anti-spyware program. The program Ahorrememoria may make the false claim of being the best spyware removal tool but the only thing it is good at is tricking users into wasting their money on a harmful program. Once a system is infected with Ahorrememoria it may display exaggerated system notifications stating that you have an infection. Ahorrememoria is usually downloaded and installed from a Trojan or in some cases downloaded directly from Ahorrememoria.com.

In non-techie terms: Ahorrememoria and similar fake anti-spyware programs may have their own website, such as Ahorrememoria.com. These sites may look convincing to users claiming that the program offered will remove spyware from their system. This is usually not the case. The misleading websites such as Ahorrememoria.com are all part of the scam to get users to download and purchase the rogue anti-spyware program. Do not under any circumstances download or purchase Ahorrememoria or related programs.

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