Advanced-PCFixer Removal Guide

Do you know what Advanced-PCFixer is?

Advanced-PCFixer might seem like a reliable program that can offer you many great services, but, in fact, it is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). This suspicious program is officially represented at; however, many users are likely to acquire it bundled with third-party software. That can happen if you use a third-party installer represented via an unreliable file-sharing website. In most cases, third-party programs are represented in a transparent manner, and users have the option to reject unfamiliar and unwanted ones. Unfortunately, in some cases, malware can be camouflaged or hidden altogether. Therefore, you should scan your operating system before you do anything else. If more serious infections are found, delete them first. If other threats are not found, you can dedicate your time to learning about and removing Advanced-PCFixer.

The suspicious and questionable Advanced-PCFixer joins the family of such infamous system optimizers as Super System Optimizer, CyboScan PC Optimizer, and Advanced PC Tuneup. Although they are not critically malicious, they are not reliable either, and, in most cases, they cannot do more than deleting temporary files or clear empty registry entries. Unfortunately, these PUPs are usually created to trick users into thinking that the services they provide are worth investing in. Did you know that you have to pay for Advanced-PCFixer? Though you can install this program from its official download site for free, it only scans your computer for free. Needless to say, the scan results are made to look scary to convince you that you need to pay money for the full version, which is offered at €29.95. You might be presented with a discount, but we do not recommend investing in this PUP no matter how small the price might be.Advanced-PCFixer Removal GuideAdvanced-PCFixer screenshot
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According to the official information, Advanced-PCFixer is an award-winning tool that is used by millions. That is just one of the many lies that you are being told to make you trust the PUP. You should not trust the information suggesting that the program can remove malware and adware or clean your Windows Registry. Needless to say, using reliable anti-malware software is a very good idea, but you should NOT invest in tools that are bogus and inadequate. If you have paid for the full version of the PUP, note that your personal information shared during the transaction might have been recorded. We suggest calling your bank to discuss your options regarding that. You can also try to request money back, but it is unlikely that the developer of Advanced-PCFixer will give anything back despite the “100% Money Back Guarantee.” Are you thinking about calling (855)-332-0124 to get more information? We do not recommend that because the people answering your calls are only interested in making money.

You can uninstall Advanced-PCFixer via Control Panel, or you can follow the instructions below that show how to eliminate the components of this suspicious potentially unwanted program. Eliminating the PUP manually is pretty easy, and so we believe that most users will choose this option; however, you have to think about virtual security as well. If reliable security software is not installed to protect you from letting in malware, it is high time you made an upgrade. If you choose to use anti-malware software to guard your operating system 24/7, you can rely on it to have Advanced-PCFixer deleted as well. Any other threats that might be active will be eliminated as well. If you want to discuss the removal of this potentially unwanted program further, do not hesitate to start a conversation in the comments section.

Remove Advanced-PCFixer from Windows

  1. Launch Windows Explorer by tapping keys Win+E.
  2. Enter the directory (see the list below) into the bar at the top and Delete the folders named Advanced-PCFixer for {user’s name} and Advanced-PCFixer for PC:
    • %APPDATA%
    • %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%

In non-techie terms:

If you are looking for a reliable tool to protect your operating system from malware and enhance its performance by eliminating useless junk, you need to do your research and install a tool that is identified as reliable and useful. Advanced-PCFixer is neither reliable nor useful, and it appears that it was created only to make money. When you install this program onto the PC, it immediately scans your PC and introduces you to a bunch of allegedly critical issues that require “repair.” That is how the creator of the PUP attempts to tick you into paying money for its useless services. Instead of paying money, you should delete Advanced-PCFixer and choose a reliable anti-malware tool to protect your operating system.