Adssite Removal Guide

Do you know what Adssite is?

Adssite or Adssite Installer is a malware infection that may install a browser helper object on a users system. Adssite may infect a users system through gaming and shareware downloads. When infected by Adssite, the symptoms range from annoying popups to the installation of Adssite toolbars. Adssite can also affect your web browser and possibly disable internet access from certain versions of the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

In non-techie terms: An infection from malware such as Adssite may leave your computer vulnerable or open to hackers. Adssite is known to open ports or access to a user's computer sending your personal information over the internet. It is a good practice to check the source of any gaming or shareware programs that you download to help prevent infections of malware such as Adssite.

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  • jeff

    Thank you so much Valentino. These were well written instructions, I believe it took care of even more than the Adssite issue I had. My PC is running at it's fullest potential now! Your help is greatly appreciated, and I hope others out there are able to run across your instructions to help them resolve Malware problems.

  • Johnathan

    I have tried all this and so much more, and im still getting these addsite popups. HELP please

  • Mya

    This malware infection may hide itself on your PC, so try posting a HijackThis log to show and locate all the malware that can be on your PC. Also, install a popup blocker to your computer.